What Can Go Wrong at Your Next Event (and How to Resolve it!)

By Amelia Scatigno /Melbourne Venue Expert

Thu 22nd Feb 2024

What Can Go Wrong at Your Next Event (and How to Resolve it!)

Planning an event is exciting, but it often comes with its set of challenges, especially since many things can unexpectedly go awry on the big day. From unpredictable weather and traffic jams to navigating local rules and permits, staying one step ahead is crucial for a successful event. 

At Venue Crew, our event planners are equipped with enough experience to ensure your event runs seamlessly from start to finish. Keep reading to learn five common things that could go wrong at your next event – and the effective solutions for resolving them. 

1. Weather unpredictability

Problem: Outdoor events are at the mercy of weather changes (our venue experts in Melbourne know this all too well). From unexpected rain to heat waves, sudden weather changes can make things uncomfortable or even unsafe for the guests. 

Solution: Always have a weather contingency plan. Try to secure a venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces or arrange weather-resistant tents as a backup. Keep a close eye on weather forecasts on the day and make sure to keep your guests informed about any updates.

2. Power outage

Problem: Consider this. Everything is going great at your event – the music is playing, the lights are shining, and everyone is having a good time. Suddenly, everything goes dark, and now your event is on pause. Power outages are common, especially during severe weather conditions. All you need is a calm approach and a backup plan that aligns with proactive measures taken by utility companies and emergency services. 

Solution: Arrange for a backup generator to ensure the event can proceed smoothly. In addition, you can prepare flashlights or glow sticks to provide necessary lighting and maintain a positive atmosphere among the guests. Also, make sure to have a clear communication plan to inform guests of the situation to prevent further stress or confusion. 

3. Missing event items

Problem: Missing items can cause a lot of problems at an event. For example, if the audio-visual equipment isn’t available for a key presentation, it can result in delays. If company handouts aren’t printed and ready, it can make the event seem less professional. These issues can reflect badly on your company, so it’s important to double-check everything before the event starts, so you can avoid these problems. 

Solution: Attention to detail is necessary here. Compile a comprehensive checklist of all critical items needed for your event. This could range from technological equipment like projectors and microphones to catering supplies and personalised company materials. Confirm that everything is on schedule for arrival and re-check everything before the event to ensure no last-minute surprises. If something’s missing, don’t panic. Ask the venue if you can borrow the item or find a local shop for a last-minute buy.

4. Key contacts become unavailable

Problem: It can be incredibly stressful when you can’t reach key contacts on the event day. The immediate impact could range from minor delays to significant disruptions. For example, without the audio-visual expert, you might struggle to get the presentation equipment up and running smoothly, leading to awkward silences and a restless audience. Or, if the person responsible for guest registration is MIA, you might encounter bottlenecks at the entrance, causing frustration and a poor start to the event.

Solution: The solution to this nerve-wracking scenario is proactive planning and communication. Set up a clear chain of command and ensure there are multiple ways to contact each team member. Appoint leaders who can handle responsibilities or make decisions if main contacts are unreachable. 

5. Medical emergency

Problem: Safety is the most important thing at events. This includes being prepared for medical emergencies, from minor injuries to serious conditions, like allergic reactions to food.

Solution: Always have a first aid kit readily available or medical professionals on standby (for larger events). In addition, training your team members in basic first aid ensures a quick response to any situation. It’s also important to know the nearest hospital’s location and have emergency contacts close at hand. 

Effortless event organisation with Venue Crew

Some things can’t be planned – and that’s okay. One thing you can control is your location. At Venue Crew, our team has the experience to help you find the perfect venue that ticks all your boxes. Are you ready to make your event a success with the right space? Get in touch with our local venue specialists today. Let’s work together to secure a venue that everyone will remember for all the right reasons.

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