These Major Companies Host Epic Corporate Events

By Lauren Morison /Australian Venue Expert

Fri 28th Apr 2023 Corporate Venues

These Major Companies Host Epic Corporate Events



Photo of HubSpot co-founder/CTO Dharmesh Shah and Host of My First Million Sam Parr at Hubspot’s INBOUND Event 2022



With corporate events becoming a larger part of business culture, companies increasingly use events that make a huge publicity splash. Many businesses use corporate events to showcase their brand, engage with their employees, and, most importantly, build relationships with their audience.

It’s also no longer the norm for companies to host bland internal showcases – and while many still do, others are tasking event planners to create something truly inspiring for their attendees.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the world’s largest companies and how they take corporate events to the next level. Think big budgets, big PR storms, big guest lists. So, grab your notebook and let these BIG event ideas fuel your own imagination when planning your next corporate function.


Salesforce’s Dreamforce

One of the most renowned companies in tech, Salesforce hosts Dreamforce – a monumental event held over an action-packed 4-day span. It attracts over 170,000 attendees annually, often bringing its host city of San Francisco to a standstill.

Dreamforce, however, is much more than whatever you might think of as just another conference. It’s a full-blown extravaganza featuring impressive keynote speakers from around world (think Barack Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, Sir Richard Branson), live music performances (from the likes of Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Wonder), exciting product launches, and so much more.

If you’re looking to energise your event, modelling your corporate event after Dreamforce is a great direction to take. Offering an eclectic mix of content, Salesforce have created a festival that brings people from many different business cultures together. It’s not just about tech; it’s about people connecting with each other.


Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000

Each year, Inc Magazine publishes Inc 5000, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. To promote and celebrate the companies that made the list, the magazine hosts an exclusive event, bringing together the CEOs and founders of these companies.

Over the space of a weekend, Inc Magazine’s congratulatory event features networking sessions, exciting and interactive educational content, and an atmosphere that truly is a tribute to companies that have worked hard to make the list.

With stimulating guest speakers (hello, Jameela Jamil!) and collaborative workshops aiming to nurture new connections, Inc Magazine offers an incredible weekend for the lucky 5000.


IBM Think

A flagship event that unites the C-suite. Think clients, collaborators, and IBM experts from across the globe; IBM Think is a corporate event like no other.

In creating this now world-renowned event, IBM aimed to showcase their latest technology and solutions while also offering attendees valuable insights and best practices to take away and implement into their own work.

So, what can attendees expect?

The event features keynote speakers, breakout sessions, hands-on labs and, as with most events, a great chance to develop new relationships. Attendees are also privy to the expo hall, where they can witness demos of new products before launch and get useful advice and tips from IBM experts.

More than anything, this is an event for the tech elite and corporate leaders to learn about what’s changing in the industry as it happens.


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

By now, we know that if it’s Apple, it’s going to be big.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is no different, offering developers an invite-only opportunity to discover the latest advancements in Apple’s software and tools.

With Apple being renowned for its product launches, you can imagine how exciting this exclusive event is, sharing brand-new tech months before the public gets their hands on it.

It’s not purely a showcase for innovative new tools, though. At the WWDC, developers can connect with Apple engineers, making for a great networking opportunity and the chance to get expert advice on how to build better apps.



Marketing giant HubSpot threw its hat into the corporate event ring over a decade ago with its first INBOUND event. It’s since become a massive ordeal, with international guests flocking to the Boston area annually.

This mammoth four-day conference invites marketers, salespeople, and customer service professionals to learn new skills, connect with their peers and discover interesting new trends to aid their own work.

Inbound is known for its unique approach to conferences. Not only does it incorporate HubSpot’s customer-centric approach with the choice of keynote speakers and educational content – but it also delivers a relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy delicious catering while networking with other creative minds in casual settings like public lawns, around food trucks, or during guided meditations.


So, what can we take away from how each of these companies hosts their corporate events?

Dreamforce: Creating an energetic, vibrant environment to further engage guests in your content.
IBM Think: Delivering a showcase of the best products/services your company has to offer.
Apple’s WWDC: Inviting guests to gain exclusive insight and knowledge from experts in their field.
Inc 5000: Celebrating the achievements of businesses working hard to be seen.
HubSpot’s INBOUND: Bringing together various professions to learn and network in a relaxed, creative atmosphere that’s all about collaboration.

Corporate events like these not only help companies to build brand awareness but also help to build meaningful connections and relationships within their industries.

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