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By Fiona Parmley /Corporate Events Expert

Wed 27th Mar 2024 Corporate Venues

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EOFY (end of financial year) parties are fast becoming a staple for businesses across the world – and for good reason! There’s no better way to boost staff morale and show how much their efforts have been appreciated over the year. EOFY parties celebrate your company’s most important asset: your staff. So, why not mix things up a bit with a themed celebration that they’ll remember for years to come. 

Here’s the lowdown on some key things to consider when curating the perfect EOFY soiree alongside choosing the perfect theme. 

Setting the date

Choosing a time to suit everyone’s schedule can be tricky, especially when dealing with a large number of staff who may even work remotely. A great way to ensure as many attendees to your EOFY celebration as possible is by keeping the 3 P’s in mind: polling, preparation and part-days.

  • Providing a poll for your staff to find out their preferred event dates will help you gauge how to get a larger amount of staff to RSVP in the affirmative.
  • Preparing your staff with reminders and updates leading up to the event will get them excited for what’s to come and ensure they don’t double book with other calendar events on day.
  • Finally, holding your EOFY party after a partial day of work (like a half day) will boost the likelihood of all your team getting to the office and attending your event straight after the workday’s end. 

Choosing the venue

Finding the right venue for your gathering is crucial in setting the right tone for your function. Not only will you have to consider the size of the space for the amount of staff attending, but also catering options and any legal restrictions regarding loud music playing into the wee hours of the morning. Be sure to consider a space that matches with the vision and the practicalities of your ideal themed event, from entertainment to accessibility. That way, your final location will be fully equipped to see you through the day without a hitch.

Theme of choice 

A themed party can elevate an everyday affair into an event of a lifetime. Not only can a theme add a unique touch to your EOFY party but your staff will be gearing up with excitement well in advance. Some ideas that could help you work out the best theme for your get-together include the following.

Consider costume

Costume parties give staff the opportunity to show off their personalities which may not always be on display at work. A themed party that inspires them to think through their attire can be the perfect catalyst to showcase their creative flair. Costume themes could be based on a popular film. Think ‘James Bond: Casino Royale’ for a sleek, high class event, or a ‘Favourite Netflix show’ costume party to give attendees even more room to share and start conversations about their personal tastes. 

Other costume themes could include: 

  • Partnered costumes: Assign staff members to one another with the aim of selecting partnered costumes that only work as a set. Think Bonnie and Clyde, bacon and eggs, or even the twins from ‘The Shining’.  
  • Christmas in July: While the EOFY commonly ends on the cusp of June/July, you and your staff can celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ in true festive fashion, with the cool weather to match the occasion.   

Era of choice

Another great option for a themed EOFY function can be based on a particular era of choice. You could curate the perfect playlist to accompany a ’70s themed disco night, or prepare a photo booth to capture black and white staff images during a 1930’s flapper party. Choosing a theme based on a particular era allows you to consider entertainment and interior decor that can make the ambience come to life and truly feel like your staff have travelled back in time. 


Sometimes, the best company parties are the ones where staff are on the move, trying new things. An activity-based EOFY event like mini-golf or axe-throwing can double as a great team building occasion, where your employees can strengthen bonds and learn more about coworkers they may never get to collaborate with. Alternatively, a tour of a winery or even a group cooking class can help engage your entire team, teaching them new skills and providing memories they’ll carry with them for years to come. 

Other activity-themed parties could include: 

  • A boat cruise: There are fewer things more relaxing than sipping a well deserved drink with good company while taking in seaside views. 
  • Museum visit: A great option to stimulate minds while showcasing the very best of art, history or both.  
  • Escape Room: Thrill staff with an Escape Room event set to keep them on their toes and play on their competitive streak.  

There’s no better way to thank your staff for all their hard work than with an EOFY party they’ll be sure to remember. Whether you’re after a themed function based on a specific era or keen to get your staff out and about with an activity-based affair, Venue Crew can help you find the perfect venue for free, giving you more time to enjoy your carefully curated event with added peace of mind. 

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