A Guide To Hoxton Hotel & Event Venues in London

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A Guide To Hoxton Hotel & Event Venues in London



I can’t say enough about how much we love the much-acclaimed Hoxton Hotels across London without sounding like a broken record. If you haven’t seen their stylish and cosy event spaces, gorgeous guestrooms, and cool eateries, you’re in for a treat. I always recommend these spaces only to get rave reviews about people feeling right at home. Think of it as the home you wish you had — beautifully designed, impeccably tidy, and with delicious food catered to your comfy lounge chair.

So, why Hoxton Hotels over other London spots? Well, it’s because they offer more than just a place to stay; they’re the go-to venues for spectacular events, wild parties, and celebrations of all kinds. In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on four of Hoxton’s best hotel venues, each known for its distinct personality and facilities. Whether planning an intimate, chic wedding in town or a corporate event, these unique event spaces will undoubtedly drum up plenty of inspo.


The Hoxton Holborn


The Hoxton Holborn in London

With tons of London’s popular attractions on your doorstep, the Hoxton Holborn it’s not hyperbole to call this the most stylish hotel in the area. It’s a destination people cross the city daily to check out, and quite the place to be seen.

Sitting central and close to the buzz of the capital, the Hoxton Holborn allows guests to both stay at one of the hippest joints in town and take in the sights and sounds of iconic surroundings. And if that wasn’t enough, The Hox offers some of the most eye-catching and comfy accommodations in the area.

The Hoxton Holborn

Why we love weddings at The Hoxton Holborn:

If you’re looking to get married at The Hoxton, you’re in for a treat. For those unfamiliar, the Hox is known for its fab decor, epic drinks menu, and delectable food options. Couples can expect all this plus a choice of three sensational event spaces to choose from or spread across for their wedding events. So, whether it’s a relaxed cocktail party to welcome your guests to your wedding weekend, a classic sit-down dinner for your reception, or the big, wild blow-out option for an impressive wedding with all the bells and whistles, The Hox delivers.

Why we recommend corporate events at The Hoxton Holborn:

If you’ve got a corporate event coming up, the Holborn Apartment venue is a dedicated space that pretty much caters for any event aesthetic you can dream up. The cosy, at-home (if your home was exquisitely decorated) style of the Living Room and Pantry Rooms offer creature comforts, with all the mod cons your event needs, while the Library, Parlour, and Dining Room areas deliver classic boardroom vibes, but with a relaxed, modern feel.

The Hoxton Holborn


The Hoxton Southwark

The Hoxton Southwark

Located in one of the oldest parts of London, The Hoxton Southwark sits close to the Thames Southbank, between a host of popular attractions, including the Tate Modern, Shakespeare Globe, and historic Borough Market.

The Hoxton Southwark is the perfect hotel for exploring the city’s art scene, enjoying brunch at the in-house Albie restaurant, or unwinding in the comfort of your room. Whether it’s your big day, an annual board meeting or just a weekend getaway — the Hox in Southwark brings the goodies on multiple levels.


Why we love weddings at The Hoxton Southwark:

If you’re hosting a wedding, the Southwark Apartment’s six-room venue easily accommodates intimate celebrations, while the impressive 12th-floor setting delivers skyline views aplenty, with the choice to enjoy Seabird oysters and expertly mixed martinis on the open terrace.

The Hoxton Southwark

Why we recommend corporate events at The Hoxton Southwark:

Corporate event planners love the Southwark’s Apartment venue. Why? It’s an incredibly easy place to host an event, where you don’t need much to make the place feel unique. Ever had a meeting room that’s casual, relaxed, and stocked with snacks and beverages so that you can get through a long session without needing lots of breaks? You’ll get this and more in the Pantry meeting room. Outside of corporate meetings, the Southwark also provides a fantastic coworking space. This is an especially popular option for teams with a lot of WFH days, as the location is easily accessible via public transport.


The Hoxton Shepherd’s Bush

The Hoxton Shepherd’s Bush

West London’s The Hoxton Shepherd’s Bush Hotel and event venue brings kitsch nostalgia to life with styling that includes vivid colours and boutique furnishings.

Vibing hard off its rock and roll roots, The Hoxton Shepherd’s Bush is an easy choice for West London weddinggoers and event planners alike. You’ll find excellent transport access and must-visit shopping locales like Notting Hill and Portobello Road just a stroll away. Throw in the downright delicious Thai American food at Chet’s restaurant, and we reckon you’re onto a winner!

Why we love weddings at The Hoxton Shepherd’s Bush:

If you’re planning a wedding in the local area, their stylish event spaces and urban ambience set the stage for a day to remember. Guests will marvel at the attention to detail that the dedicated wedding and culinary team deliver, ensuring your day sticks in their mind long after the dancefloor clears out.

The Hoxton Shepherds Bush corporate venue hire West London
The Hoxton Shepherds Bush

Why we recommend corporate events at The Hoxton Shepherd’s Bush:

If you’re looking for a break from drab conference centres, then the Shepherd’s Bush Apartment is a breath of fresh air. Pitch your latest idea in the intimate Library, or pull your team together for a workshop in the minimal but elegant Study. Across all spaces, this is an event venue that fosters creativity and inspiration, benefitting any brand looking for a productive yet relaxed day.


The Hoxton Shoreditch

The Hoxton Shoreditch in London

Where it all began, The Hoxton Shoreditch was the first of its kind, delivering the quality and comfort that would spawn this popular boutique-style hotel chain. Shoreditch is famous for its vibrant art scene, vintage boutiques, and buzzing nightlife. This Hox venue is a top pick for guests and invitees who love the area’s bustling feel. Inside, you’ll find over 200 individually designed guestrooms and two highly acclaimed eateries.

Why we love weddings at The Hoxton Shoreditch:

Licensed for civil ceremonies, The Hoxton Shoreditch makes a glamorous spot for a wedding from start to finish. High ceilings, heritage features, and an open-air terrace set the stage for a reception that stuns. Nearby Regent’s Park and St Paul’s Cathedral make stunning photo backdrops for a stroll around the area.

The Hoxton Shoreditch in London

Why we recommend corporate events at The Hoxton Shoreditch:

Like the other fantastic Hoxton venues, the Shoreditch site is ideal for business luncheons, off-sites, and galas alike. Incorporating the industrial and street art style of the neighbourhood, its unconventional spaces and playful layouts offer simplicity and functionality in spades. For a break from the business norm, the Hox Shoreditch is ace.

The Hoxton Shoreditch in London


Each of the Hoxton hotel venues are must-visit in its own right, especially when planning an event in the capital. You’ll find dynamic, versatile settings that boast distinct features — giving your event that one-of-a-kind look and feel that’s completely outside the box. Booking one of these four fantastic hotels offers guests and attendees a glimpse into some of the most vibrant parts of the city, alongside world-class service and accommodation.

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