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Oxfordshire is a wonderful destination to host your dream wedding. This charming county boasts beautiful landscapes and some of the most exquisite wedding venues in the UK. Hire a wedding venue in Oxfordshire and choose from a variety of unique and magical locations, ranging from manor houses, palaces, country pubs, and more. Whether you’re looking for a grand, luxurious setting or an intimate space, Oxfordshire has it all.

Kirtlington Park is an elegant and romantic 18th-century country house that offers a stunning backdrop for your special day. Blenheim Palace, one of the UK’s most magnificent and iconic stately homes, is an ideal venue for a grand and lavish wedding ceremony. And Cornwell Manor is a breathtakingly beautiful private estate that provides a stunning setting for a fairytale wedding.

Hosting your wedding in Oxfordshire means you can enjoy the picturesque countryside and charming towns, all while being in close proximity to London and other major cities. Plus, with its rich history and culture, you can add a touch of grandeur to your special day. If you need a hand finding the perfect setting for your Oxfordshire wedding day, reach out to our knowledgeable local Venue Specialists today

Our Guide to Oxfordshire Wedding Venue Hire

Our experienced Venue Specialists are here to help couples navigate through the myriad of options available to them and find their dream wedding venue in Oxfordshire. They’ll factor in your budget, vision and requirement before recommending venue options. 

Whether you’re looking for an opulent stately home, a cosy country pub, or a stunning private estate like Cornwell Manor, our expert local Venue Specialists will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you find the perfect venue for your wedding.

With our Venue Finder service, you can be confident that you’ll have access to the most exceptional wedding venues in Oxfordshire and that we’ll help you make your dream wedding a reality. So why wait? Contact us today to start your journey towards finding your perfect wedding venue in Oxfordshire!


Venue Specialist Tip No. 1: Make sure your Oxfordshire wedding venue is in a great location.

  • Look for a venue that is easily accessible from major transport routes, such as motorways and train stations.
  • Consider venues with ample parking or access to public transportation.
  • Look for venues located in picturesque areas, such as the countryside or charming towns, to add to the ambience of your special day.
  • For example, Kirtlington Park is situated in a stunning countryside location, with easy access from both Oxford and London, making it an ideal venue for couples looking for a tranquil yet accessible location for their wedding.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 2: Consider Oxfordshire wedding venues with on-site accommodation if you have guests travelling from out of town.

  • On-site accommodation can provide convenience for guests and reduce the hassle of transportation.
  • Look for venues with a range of accommodation options, from luxurious suites to cosy cottages.
  • One of our top picks for Oxfordshire wedding venues with on-site accommodation, the beautiful Cornwell Manor offers 12 luxurious and spacious guest rooms, making it an ideal venue for couples with guests travelling from afar.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 3: Historic wedding venues set the scene for spectacular wedding celebrations.

  • Oxfordshire boasts a wealth of historic wedding venues, including stately homes, palaces, and castles, that provide a grand and majestic setting for your special day.
  • Look for venues with beautiful architecture and historic features, such as grand ballrooms, ornate ceilings, and beautiful gardens.
  • For example, Blenheim Palace is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site that provides a breathtaking backdrop for a grand and opulent wedding celebration.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 4: Take transportation into consideration.

  • Ensure that your chosen venue has good transportation links and that your guests can easily get to and from the venue.
  • Consider hiring transportation, such as shuttle buses or taxis, to make it easier for guests to get to the venue and back.
  • For example, The Double Red Duke is a charming pub that is easily accessible from the surrounding area and has ample parking for guests who choose to drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We simplify the Oxfordshire wedding venue search in just four easy steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. Write down your Oxfordshire wedding venue requirements, preferred date, budget, overall vision, and guest numbers.
  2. Book a free consultation with one of our amazing local Venue Specialists. 
  3. We’ll send you quotes and book you in to view your favourite Oxfordshire wedding venues.
  4. After your site visits, pick your favourite wedding venue, and we’ll help you secure your preferred date!

Some of our top picks for the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire include Blenheim Palace, Cornwell Manor & Kirtlington Park.

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