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London weddings are a characterful fusion of the city’s past, present and future. From medieval castles and royal palaces to cosmopolitan restaurants and modern skyscrapers, the city is a treasure trove of wedding venues awaiting your discovery. With so much on offer, choosing the right wedding venue can become an endless task. Getting expert advice makes a world of difference, and that’s what we’re here for — contact our Venue Finders today .

    Everything You Need to Know About Finding a London Wedding Venue

    Booking your UK wedding venue without a helping hand is trickier than you think. There are so many elements to factor in, such as location, accommodation, style and budget. When you multiply this by dozens of venues, it can become a complicated mix of information that’s hard to process and compare. 

    Overall, you want to find a venue fit that will make your wedding day one to remember. Our Venue Finders have the skills and the know-how to help you pick out the perfect London wedding venue for you.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 1: Hone in on The London Suburbs You Love & Frequent.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 2: Factor in London’s Varied Accommodation Options.

    • Need room blocks for your London wedding? Hotels often offer exclusive discounts for wedding guests, providing that you book a certain number of suites. Our Venue Crew team can make the process as simple as a tick box. Whatever you prefer, we’ll ensure it gets done.
    • If you’re booking multiple hotels or luxury bed & breakfasts in London, we advise collating all the details for your guests in one accessible location like a wedding website.
    • If you’re interested in a London wedding venue with accommodation on-site, you might have specific questions about wheelchair facilities, room types and whether they are dog friendly. This is the kind of thing that’s easy to sort with our Venue Finders.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 3: Take London Transportation into Consideration.

    • How will everyone get to your London wedding venue? Will they take a tube, train, car, boat or a party bus? Make all this information readily available to your guests.
    • Does your London wedding venue include parking? If so, is there an option to have valet attendants manage guest parking? Or if not, are there car parks nearby?
    • Will any guests fly into London for your wedding? If so, what can you do to make this easier for them? Is it possible to sort group transportation to and from the airport?


    Venue Finder Tip No. 4: Think Service, Service, Service!

    • What can you do to create the best possible experience for your wedding guests? It’s the little things that make all the difference. Which UK wedding venue on your list will go that extra mile to make it personal and memorable for you and your partner?
    • Out of all of your favourite London wedding venues, which is the most likely to be easy to work with throughout the planning process? Do they have a passionate and reliable wedding coordinator who understands every detail of your wedding vision?
    • How do you imagine the food being served at your wedding? Are you into grazing platters, bowl food and canapés? Or do you want to have a formal wedding breakfast with multiple courses that have been tailored to your taste? We suggest that you talk through the options with your wedding catering team and make them aware of all dietary requirements before selecting your London wedding venue.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 5: Style it Up.

    UK wedding venues come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You can tell us your preferences and your wedding Venue Finders will reply with a bespoke list of suitable choices.

    • You can host your central London wedding at a five-star hotel with your ceremony, reception and photo opportunities all in one romantic and timeless destination.
    • You can celebrate in your own country manor house venue, surrounded by manicured gardens and picturesque backdrops for flawless wedding photos. 
    • You could even hire a historic royal palace for your London wedding. Dine-in medieval banqueting halls and say ‘I Do’ surrounded by priceless artefacts of English heritage.
    • You can keep things exclusive in a private members’ club wedding venue, with a private candlelit dinner and custom cocktails overlooking the London skyline. 
    • You can party all night in an industrial warehouse wedding venue in East London, where the blank canvas space presents limitless event possibilities. 
    • You can book out a chic London restaurant wedding venue, where all you need is good food, great wine and an atmospheric dancefloor to throw some shapes.  
    • There’s nothing quite like a London waterfront wedding venue on the banks of the River Thames. The city lights sparkle on the water, creating a magical ambience. 


    Venue Finder Tip No. 6: Ask for Help.

    Free wedding planning resources are abundant online. Choose one you trust and ask as many questions as you need to. Our Venue Finders are happy to talk through exactly what you’re searching for . Speaking with countless wedding coordinators can be confusing and we know how hard it can be to get in touch when sales managers are swamped with enquiries. Our goal is always to be accessible, helpful, and a friendly face to turn to when you’re starting or finalising your venue search.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There’s a wide range of pricing options available in London wedding venues, usually starting around £100 per person, or an £8,000 minimum spend for a daytime wedding and typically increasing from there. Some factors to consider when selecting a London wedding venue include the day of the week and the season. Pricing will vary depending on these factors as well as location.

    Every London wedding venue has its own pricing structure. London restaurant venues typically work by setting a minimum food and beverage spend for your wedding. This way, they can guarantee that they’ll make enough sales to justify your venue exclusivity. 

    Hotel wedding venues often structure their pricing with a price per head package, which include canapés, a multi-course meal, drinks and sometimes venue hire too. 

    London dry hire venues are the banqueting halls and event centres that allow you to bring your own caterers and suppliers, given that they have the appropriate health and safety certification. Their pricing is usually a flat fee for the room hire, which varies by day of the week and season.

    We make it simple. Here’s how it works:

    1. Select your dream venue (or a few)
    2. Reach out to us and let us know what you fancy
    3. We’ll send you a quote
    4. You sign a contract with your dream wedding venue!

    Whether you’re searching for intimate London wedding venues, large wedding venues, traditional wedding venues or affordable wedding venues in London, we’ve got your back no matter what. Our Venue Finders have cherry-picked the best wedding venues across the city.

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