The Benefits of Off-Site Team Building Activities & 5 Fun Ideas to Try

By Lauren Morison /Australian Venue Expert

Mon 13th Mar 2023 Corporate Venues

Zest Beachouse at Point Piper Cooking Classes, Pacific Room


Image: Zest Beachouse at Point Piper in Sydney


With a change in workplace dynamics post-pandemic, how do we close the distance that increased remote working has created? How do we encourage better communication, boost team morale, and learn a few things along the way? 

One simple solution to shake things up? Get out of the office and arrange an off-site event or team-building day. Here are some of the benefits.


Inspiring Creativity

Whether you see home working as a plus or a negative, there’s no doubt that it has encouraged businesses to embrace a more flexible approach to working. 

Though the positives like lack of commute, less room for distraction, and increased mental well-being speak for themselves – remote working can sometimes encourage a siloed mindset, which comes from lack of face-to-face interaction.

We know from simply popping out for a walk, that a change of scenery helps to stimulate us. This is because new environments promote fresh ideas and perspectives. Taking your team out of an office setting allows for thoughts and conversations which may not occur in normal working hours.

In-person gatherings are the perfect event for collaborating too. Where video calls are often plagued with Wi-Fi issues – in person, team members can work off their colleagues’ body language, allowing them to feel more comfortable when discussing new strategies.

Don’t forget that although this is a work function, it is still a break from routine where employees can press pause on day-to-day activities and connect with one another. Combining this with collaborative fun promotes better ways of working together back in the office.


Physical Movement

Team building is all about boosting morale and team dynamics, so why not include some physical elements in your event? Group activities like football and kayaking not only encourage teamwork but are great for improving fitness as well.

It’s also a good idea to plan activities that are accessible for everyone. A great example of this are scavenger hunts. Combining problem-solving and physical activity, they can also be adapted to accommodate different abilities. 

A bonus of including physical activities at your event is the positive effect they can have on mental health. Getting your team active not only boosts their fitness and well-being but helps the body to reduce stress hormones to improve low mood and build confidence.


In-person Bonding

With 8 in 10 people working in either hybrid or remote roles, it’s become commonplace to interact with colleagues on screen rather than in person. Team building events offer an escape from the detachment of homeworking, allowing colleagues to feel a connection that’s not possible over video chat.

Whether you choose to include collaborative games or to set up a volunteering day, in-person activities offer shared experiences, promote camaraderie, and deliver a sense of community based around trust and communication.

Being in a non-office environment also helps things feel a little more relaxed. Your team will be able to catch up and enjoy one another’s company without the pressure of deadlines looming.

In the long term, collaboration and bonding often lead to colleagues functioning better as a group, increasing productivity and team well-being overall.


5 Fun Team Building Activities to Try

  1. Cooking classes: If your team is always chatting about what they’re having for tea, why not turn your event into one for the foodies? Cooking classes are an excellent way to get creative and have fun at the same time. As well as being something your team can experience together, it may also expose them to new cuisines, flavours, and new ways of cooking. Oh, and just a warning – it could get a little messy too.
  2. Retreat to a hotel outside the city: If you’re after a change of scenery, what better way to escape your work environment than to get out of town altogether? This change of surroundings is bound to encourage fresh perspectives and allow colleagues to express ideas and strategies they wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable doing.
  3. Winemaking or tasting course: For those with a cultured palette, a winemaking or tasting course is a great idea. You’ll learn plenty about the many regions and countries that produce wine as well as get to taste it too! These courses are well known for their chilled-out environment and learning a new skill is sure to sharpen minds and get the creative juices flowing, so to speak!
  4. Surprise guest speaker: If you want to bring a little sparkle back to your team, why not hire a guest speaker? Choosing a prominent figure from your industry to share their experiences is a great way to promote new ways of thinking, respect for other points of view, and for your team to take inspiration from someone else’s story.
  5. Private boat ride:  Hiring a private boat is a fantastic opportunity for your team to relax in peaceful surroundings, allowing the water to relieve any work-based stress. Often surroundings dictate behaviour, so sharing a unique experience like this with colleagues is a great way to break down barriers and improve working relationships.


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