How to Choose the Right Corporate Venue for Your Event in Sydney

By Lauren Morison /Australian Venue Expert

Tue 14th Mar 2023 Corporate Venues

How to Choose the Right Corporate Venue for Your Event in Sydney


Image: Cruise Bar in The Rocks, Sydney


Sydney is a city abundant in experiences to offer you, places to show you, and food to impress you. But when you’re tasked with choosing a venue for your next corporate event, you might draw a blank. Naturally, it may seem daunting or overwhelming with all the factors involved, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this guide, we’ll guide you on how to choose the “just-right” venue for your event and show you around the city’s hidden gems so that your corporate meeting, conference, party, or gala is a major hit. As always, you can easily skip the read and head straight to contacting our local team of venue experts for a personalised list of recommendations.




Define Your Event’s Purpose

The very first step is to pinpoint the purpose of your event – since that will inform your venue selection process. Consider the below:


  • Is this event for purely educational purposes?
  • Do you want attendees to merely exchange information, or do you want them to get to know each other more deeply?


These questions will help you determine the appropriate atmosphere for your corporate event so that you can determine which venues fit the occasion.

Moreover, consider the type of corporate event you’re hosting. If it’s a business conference, you’ll need a simple large venue. As for events with several activities, workshops, or talks that take place simultaneously, you’ll likely benefit from going for hotels and conference centres that feature multiple breakout rooms.


Choose Between Outdoor and Indoor Venues

When it comes to corporate event venues in Sydney, practicality is key, which is why you must consider the weather. Generally, Sydney’s weather is lovely from September to November and from March to May, allowing your attendees to bask in the sun or enjoy the cool breeze.

However, you’ll want to think twice before choosing an outdoor venue for a June event, as you might find an increased need for a weather resistant backup plan. Similarly, an outdoor January event might have your attendees sweating in their suits. It’d be safer to opt for indoor venues in those cases, or at least venues with nice options both indoors and out.

If you’re still struggling to choose between indoor and outdoor spaces, some venues give you a bit of both. For example, the Establishment Ballroom by Merivale offers you indoor spaces within its heritage building and courtyard space – a New York-style outdoor terrace with a view of the Establishment Garden.


Create a Shortlist

We all know there’s no shortage of corporate venues in Sydney, so how do you narrow down your list to just the venues you’ll visit? Visualise your event, and discern its style. Then, create a shortlist of venues that match that event style.

Is it formal with black suits, firm handshakes, and public speeches? If so, you’ll want a venue like Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour. Its chic, grand ballroom screams corporate galas, product launches, big conferences, and award nights.

Alternatively, if you want a more personal event with fun games, activities, and workshops, check out Cruise Bar whose inviting interiors, waterfront views, a rooftop terrace, and lounge areas give a refreshing feel for corporate events with a more familial vibe.

As for meetings and presentations, you’ll find 15 meeting spaces and state-of-the-art greenroom facilities at Intercontinental Sydney. Plenty of benefit to having lots of choices if you’re planning a multi-part event.


Prioritise Food and Customer Service

Next, if you want your corporate party to be a success, evaluate the venue’s catering and customer service. After all, your event is only as successful as your attendees are happy and well-fed. So, assess the catering company’s food and refreshments to make sure they’re up to your standards; dishes by a Michelin-starred chef will certainly give your event an edge.

When you visit the venues and meet their teams, you’ll be able to quickly decide if their approach is right for your event. Do they prioritise your wishes and vision? Will they create a bespoke event package that better suits your needs?

Take O Bar & Dining as a shining example of gorgeous fare and seamless experience. This one offers creative food menus, thanks to its chef Micheal Moore and Australia’s finest produce.

Or, if you want to learn how the ‘Caterer of the Year’ winning team earned their title, try a few dishes at Zest Waterfront Venues Boathouse at the Spit, made with locally-sourced produce and known to deliver immaculate flavours.


Broaden Your Scope

If you want to give your attendees a luxurious full-day experience, it might be worth considering booking venues outside the city! A day trip is a chance for colleagues and employees to explore a new location away from the all-too-familiar city of Sydney.

Does a retreat to the hills sound like a good idea? Take your team to Ottimo House on the Historic Denham Court Estate or head to Estate Tuscany in Hunter Valley. Both are gorgeous options for a mindset shift or creative celebration.


Hire a Local Specialist

If you want to proceed with the venue selection and booking process, hiring a local venue specialist is a good place to start. We know all the nooks and crannies of the city and have the dedication to achieve the vision you have for your corporate event down to the most minute details, including catering facilities and accommodation options.


If you’re ready to start visiting Sydney corporate venues in person, get in touch with us; we’ll meet you where you’re at and take you to your end goal!


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