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Mon 30th Jan 2023 Wedding Venues

Buckland Estate Rustic Wedding Venue Perth WA
Photo of Buckland Estate


Do you want to have your wedding amidst Perth’s shimmering beaches and captivating skyline views? But where? Planning a wedding involves many tasks that need to be checked off, and choosing a venue comes at the top of the list, setting the tone for the entire celebration.

When choosing a wedding venue, you want to settle on a theme, decide between outdoor and indoor, set aside a realistic budget, and more. The details can be tiresome, but it all gets so much easier — and like 10000x more fun — once your venue is booked. At Venue Crew, we have a team of local venue experts who can quickly talk you through the options (for free!) and help you get this task ticked off your list.

How to Decide on Your Wedding Style

Before going all-in into searching for venues, you’ll probably want to settle on your wedding style first. Do you want simple and romantic, extravagant and glamorous, or rustic and vintage? Perth is famous for its beaches, so maybe you want a bohemian-style wedding on the beach.

Deciding on a style will help you narrow down your list of venues to a few that provide the aesthetics you want for your dream day. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Look for inspiration. Do your research and look for inspiration in bridal magazines, wedding blogs, or friends’ weddings. Take note of where you’re finding overlap in styles you’re drawn to.
  2. Choose a colour theme. After deciding on an overall style, settle on a colour theme for your invitations, decorations, and even interior design elements.
  3. Choose a formality. Do you want your wedding to be beach casual or classic formal? Choosing a formality will help you to further narrow down your options!
Perth Wedding Venue, Buckland Estate

Outdoor vs. Indoor Wedding Venues in Perth

The second point you should consider is whether you want an outdoor or indoor wedding venue. The decision usually boils down to the season you wish to have your wedding in.

Indoor venues are a safe bet to steer clear of Perth’s foggy, rainy, cool winter days interrupting your outdoor wedding plans. Similarly, summers can be quite hot and you may want an indoor space as an option for your reception.

Sun worshippers can easily book an outdoor wedding most other times of year in Perth, as autumn and spring tend to host beautiful temperatures and lower chances of rain or thunderstorms ruining your setup.

Fortunately, many Perth wedding venues include both indoor and outdoor spaces — these are usually our favourite places to recommend to couples, as you get the best of both worlds and have a built-in rain plan in case things get weird with weather.

Perth wedding venue, Hyatt Regency Perth, Photo by Adam Levi Browne

Carefully Choose Which Perth Wedding Venues to Tour

Instead of touring every Perth wedding venue you see on Instagram, we recommend having a clear plan of action. This is something we can easily talk you through so you can make the best use of your limited wedding planning time.

Here are the factors you should make sure of before going in person to tour any venue:

  • Availability on your desired date, month, or season
  • Suitable aesthetic that matches your wedding style
  • Availability of the space type you’re seeking (indoor/outdoor)
  • Convenient location for you and your guests
  • Your must-have amenities (car park, bathrooms, bridal suite, and more)
  • Catering quality and options (read reviews and get personal recommendations)
  • Backup options for sudden weather conditions if needed

Here are a few of our favourite Perth wedding venues to give you some inspo.

Buckland Estate Ideal for a romantic wedding in a historic setting, with both indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings

Barefoot Beach Weddings — Overlooks shimmering waters and has a spacious deck for relaxed ceremonies and receptions.

Rose Social — Offers a beautiful garden venue full of fragrant flowers and rustic vibes, perfect for couples seeking seclusion and privacy.

Hyatt Regency Perth — A luxurious venue with extravagant ballrooms, accommodation options, and in-house catering.

Perth wedding venue, Barefoot Beach Weddings, Photo by Tom Pearsall

How Far Will Your Budget Stretch at Each Venue?

Every wedding venue in Perth has packages that include a few amenities for a fixed price, like the bridal suite, the event space, basic decorations, and the like. The contents of the packages differ from one place to another, but most venues allow you to add other options to the packages to further customise your wedding.

One of the biggest mistakes we see couples make is choosing a venue without understanding what they’ll need to bring into the venue to complete their day. Sometimes it’s little things like a sound system or dancefloor that they’ve assumed would be included, but other times it can be something as big as a marquee. Before you step foot into any wedding venue, we always advise couples to first have a clear understanding of the quote they’ve received.

If you’re really struggling with the decision between two venues you love, a great way to make the decision is to create a mock budget for yourself for each venue. This simple exercise can help you identify details you may have overlooked, giving you a better idea of which offers better bang for your buck.

Where’s the Closest Accommodation to the Venue?

If you want your wedding to last till late, consider where your guests will spend the night. The best ways to do so are to look for a venue inside a hotel, like the Hyatt Regency, or look for venues with nearby hotels or B&Bs. Also, don’t forget to ask about how many rooms are available for reservation.

How Will You Make Your Wedding Venue Feel Like Yours?

If you have a perfect idea in your mind of what your wedding will look like, make sure the venue can make it happen. Some venues are more flexible than others, giving you essentially a blank canvas. Others have strict policies regarding decorations and won’t allow you to move things around.

To make the wedding venue feel like yours, look for venues that allow third-party decoration contractors and have flexibility in terms of decor and style.

Perth wedding venue Rose Social, Photo by Diego Nieto

Work with a Local Venue Specialist to Get Started

To save yourself the time and hassle of touring through loads of venues that aren’t really your style, we can help you find the select few that are worth seeing in person.

If you’re struggling with choosing your wedding venue, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you pinpoint the perfect match!

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