Checklist of 62 Questions To Ask At Your Wedding Venue Tour

By Darcy Allen /Melbourne Venue Expert

Tue 31st Jan 2023 Wedding Venues

Checklist of 62 Questions To Ask At Your Wedding Venue Tour


To make the most of your initial wedding venue tours, you’ll be well equipped to print this PDF and bring it with you along with your wedding venue’s packages, pricing, and brochures. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to have the undivided attention of your venue sales rep, so we usually encourage couples to be meticulous about their questions on this initial visit while you’ve got their undivided attention.

To help you get all of your needed information, we’ve prepared a downloadable PDF checklist of all the questions you should ask on your first wedding venue tour! We say first because you’ll likely visit the venue more than once after you’ve booked your date.



62 Questions To Ask on Your First Wedding Venue Tour

While some of these questions may be answered long before you book your tour, we’ve included every possible question here so you can have all your info in one place. Simply download the PDF and take it on the go with you for your wedding venue site visit.

The Basics

  1. What’s your availability like in the months I’m interested in?
  2. How quickly do we need to confirm our booking?
  3. How many guests can the venue accommodate comfortably and what’s the preferred configuration?
  4. How many overnight guests can the venue accommodate?
  5. Are there private rooms where we can get ready or hide away before or during the wedding?
  6. Start and end times? Options to extend?
  7. Is the venue wheelchair-friendly (elevator, easy bathroom access, and the like)?
  8. Are kids allowed on-site?
  9. When can our suppliers access the venue for set-up and break-down?
  10. Will we have the option to host other events besides the wedding, like a cocktail party the night before or a morning-after brunch?

Packages & Insurance

  1. Can you talk me through the wedding packages?
  2. Do you offer any special pricing for non-peak dates?
  3. What isn’t included in the wedding package that most couples end up hiring anyway?
  4. Am I required to take out an insurance policy for our wedding at your venue?
  5. What’s your payment schedule?
  6. If I cancel after booking, what are the cancellation fees and is there any kind of cooling-off period?
  7. Do you charge postponement fees?
  8. Are there any additional fees or service charges we should be aware of?

Location & Accommodation

  1. If hotel venue: How many rooms are we required to book for the wedding?
  2. If hotel venue: What’s the cancellation policy for rooms that aren’t booked in time for the wedding?
  3. If not a hotel venue: Can you recommend any hotels nearby where guests can spend the night?
  4. Is there a car park onsite? How many cars can it take overnight and during the wedding?
  5. Are there nearby car parking spaces?
  6. Do you recommend or prefer guests to arrive on shuttle buses?
  7. Do you provide shuttle bus services to transport the wedding guests?
  8. Can you recommend a local transportation provider?
  9. Will anyone from the venue greet guests and show them from the parking area to the ceremony space?


  1. Do you offer in-house catering or work exclusively with a recommended caterer?
  2. What are the menus and pricing?
  3. Are you licensed for full bar service?
  4. Will we be able to have a menu tasting prior to the wedding?
  5. Do you offer a kid’s menu?
  6. What are the service options for cocktail hour and the reception (i.e. grazing stations, canapés, live-action stations, multi-course seated dinner, family-style)?
  7. Can we make changes to the menus or are the menus set by the chef as-is?
  8. If needed: Do you provide Indian, kosher, halal, or vegan menus?
  9. Do you provide special meals for guests with allergies or specific dietary requirements?
  10. Do you make wedding cakes? Or will I have to bring my own cake?
  11. Do you provide a cake stand for the wedding cake?
  12. Can we store the wedding cake in your kitchen until it’s served?
  13. Do you provide plates and glassware? If so, what do they look like?
  14. Do you offer tea and coffee for the guests?
  15. Can you provide a sample timeline for the day so we know when each course is served?

Decor and Style

  1. Do you provide any decor in your wedding packages (centrepieces, flowers, lighting, tablecloths, napkins, ceremony decor)?
  2. If styling is included: Who will we work with to customise the look and feel of our wedding?
  3. Do you provide tables and chairs? What do they look like?
  4. If we bring in additional decorations, what access will we have to the venue before the wedding?
  5. Is there anyone from the venue who can help us put up our decorations?
  6. Can we move existing furniture to suit our floorplan?
  7. What lighting options do you provide? Is there any additional lighting couples typically bring in through a hire company?
  8. Do you have any restrictions around what we can bring in for decor?
  9. Do you provide a sound system for both the ceremony and reception?

Reception Details

  1. Do you have enough space for a live band? Stage?
  2. If I hire a DJ, will you provide any sound equipment, or will they have to bring theirs?
  3. Do you provide a dancefloor? If so, how many guests can it accommodate?
  4. For outdoor receptions: What are our options in the case of inclement weather?
  5. Do you have a curfew for outdoor music?
  6. Are fireworks allowed? Sparklers? Candles? Confetti? Balloons? Smoke bombs?
  7. Is there a smoking area available?
  8. What time is last call and when are all guests expected to be out?
  9. What’s the lighting like at night, both indoors and out?
  10. Do you require and/or provide security during the wedding?
  11. Are there enough bathroom facilities available on-site for our guest list?

While these questions might seem like a lot, most venues will readily answer them before you even have a chance to ask. This checklist is designed to assure you that you haven’t forgotten any major details during your wedding venue tour.

Download the PDF version of 62 Questions for Your Wedding Venue Site Visit here — instant download, no email info required!

If you feel stuck on which wedding venues to tour in person, our venue experts can help you make the right call. Simply reach out and we can answer these questions and more, then get you set up for the most successful venue tour.

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