How Can Event Planners Use AI To Their Advantage?

By Nicole Price /Venue Expert

Fri 17th Feb 2023 Corporate Venues

How Can Event Planners Use AI To Their Advantage?



Whether you think Artificial Intelligence is a huge win for efficiency and productivity, or you’re terrified that it could one day replace you in the workplace, the reality is: AI is here, and we’re only seeing the tip of this incredibly powerful iceberg.

With so much corporate buzz around AI and its myriad uses, if you’re an event planner putting together your next job, the question you should be asking is: What can AI do for event planners?


Transforming and Streamlining Event Planning

Picture this. It’s your second month as an event planner and you’re finding it… well, a little overwhelming. The mental gymnastics of phoning vendors, sticking to budgets, and dull data entry are weighing on you. If only there was a way to increase productivity and at the same time decrease your workload.

Luckily, there are a ton of fantastic AI tools available that make this a reality.

Businesses are now using AI virtual assistants and chatbots, which can be programmed to communicate with event attendees before events, as well as to send and receive invites. These super smart pieces of tech can even answer frequently asked questions — giving you time back to invest in more hands-on tasks.

Another exciting prospect of AI’s data analytic potential is personalisation. Imagine a database full of guests’ likes, dislikes, and behaviours at previous events, that could compose bespoke agendas for attendees, ensuring each person gets the most out of the event they attend.

Attendee management platforms like Bizzabo, do exactly that. These platforms act as an all-in-one event planning system, delivering attendee registration, website creation, networking tools, and the icing on the cake — data insight compiling software, which captures attendee preferences to further personalise your event.


Getting Creative with AI Event Design

The designing of an event is often a planner’s favourite bit. That’s why resources such as ChatGPT – a language-processing AI chatbot – are useful when formulating and refining ideas based on your data and input.

It’s as simple as typing ‘Give me ideas for insurance shareholders meeting at on ’.

The tool will then deliver a list of ideas, ready for you to customise for your attendees. Think of it like a Google search that cuts out everything you don’t need, delivering ideas and answers based on the scope of your query.

Another useful way to approach ChatGPT is to create more personalised welcome documents and emails for each event guest. This powerful tool can help you find ways to connect with your audience without investing too much time to do so.

AI can also offer real-time benefits too. Chatbots (like ChatGPT) and voice assistants (not unlike Amazon’s Alexa) can deliver support and real-time assistance to event attendees, answering queries, delivering updates, and creating a unique, engaging experience. They can even check guests into the event.

Designing the event space via AI renderers will soon be a reality too. Tools like Interior AI allow you to upload a photo of an interior space, lock the walls in place, and fill it with the style you’re looking for. It’s a fun way to brainstorm, if not yet strong enough to create a full-scale layout for your event.


It All Starts with The Right Choice of Venue

Whether you’re on board with AI, or you’re still a little cautious; Venue Crew has your back if you’re looking for the ideal venue for your next event. We provide a hands-on, personalised approach to getting your event started on the right track.


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