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St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography

Wondering how you can set the best party atmosphere for a 30th birthday bash, a leaving do or a graduation celebration? There are so many different types of events and each has a distinctive vibe. But creating a social party atmosphere for your specific occasion isn’t as easy as you think. The most memorable events take months of preparation and careful planning. So, if you’re hoping to heighten that social buzz at your next event, we’ve rounded up six useful hints to create a party scene that will put all of your guests in the mood to celebrate.

Hint #1: Choose the Right Venue

The venue is the foundation for the success of your party atmosphere, so getting the setting right is essential. Your venue forms the backdrop that ties every element of the event together and it can even enhance the theme. For example, if you wanted to throw a traditional masquerade ball, a heritage ballroom would be an apt choice or a teepee tent would be a great option for a festival inspired party. The venue is the canvas to paint your party vision onto, and when the venue matches the theme, the party atmosphere will naturally follow.

The venue also needs to be in an accessible location, so that as many of your guests can make it as possible. Without everyone present, the lively party atmosphere will fade and the room will start to feel empty. So make sure that the venue is conveniently located close to public transport links such as tubes, trains, buses, and airports and that there’s local car parking for drivers. 

St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
The Blue Room Bondi Dining Room
The Blue Room Bondi in Sydney has such an effortless Hamptons aesthetic with its vintage beach chairs, woven rattan accessories and postcard-worthy views over Bondi beach. It would be perfect for a sophisticated coastal-inspired party!
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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Hint #2: Charismatic Service Staff

There’s no better way to set a perfect party atmosphere than to greet your guests with a friendly welcome. It’s important to show guests that their presence is valued, so even if the host cannot be on the door, hiring professional doormen to show them in and store their coats can kick things off to a good start. Plus, hiring plenty of waiting for staff avoids queues at the bar, so your guests can start sipping as soon as they walk in. Starting the event with a ‘cheers!’ creates a celebratory party atmosphere from the get-go.

More specifically, at a wedding or awards night where there is a specific schedule to the day, incorporating a Master of Ceremonies can be another atmospheric addition. It’s a great way to keep your guests engaged as they’ll want to stay longer to experience what’s to come. To save on costs and to add a personal touch, you could enlist a close friend or family member to take on this role instead. They’ll be able to weave in some relatable jokes and heartfelt speeches throughout the night.

St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
Doorman at L'oscar London
Service with a smile makes all the difference. Here, at L’oscar London, the doorman is in a traditional festive dress, but if you have a particular theme you could buy bespoke outfits for the staff to wear. It all adds to the unique atmosphere of your party!
London Event Planner Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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Hint #3: Music Sets the Mood

At any kind of event, music is an essential part of setting a party atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be loud either, as even just a subtle beat of a background track can fill the gaps between conversation. A memorable event will incorporate as many of the senses as possible and changing up the music throughout can change up the ambience. For example, if you want a relaxed laidback feel to your event at the beginning, choose a chilled out beach club playlist or even something classical. Then later, when you want to ramp up the party atmosphere and get your guests to dance, have upbeat music playing or hire a live DJ to play some disco tunes. 

Live music is always a crowd-pleaser at any party. There are all kinds of musicians available to hire, from classical harpists and acoustic guitarists to a 5-piece jazz band. With so much on offer, it’s worth listening to their sample tracks or getting recommendations through word of mouth. Another popular trend is silent discos, where you guests tune into a group playlist via headphones. Not only is it interactive but it’s practical too, especially if you can’t play loud music after a certain time.

St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
Live music is a great way to get the party atmosphere in full swing! It will get your guests dancing to familiar tracks all night long. This band set up here at the Eureka 89, a skyscraper venue in Melbourne, would have made it a night to remember. The wraparound windows look down onto the city lights sparkling below.
Melbourne Event Planner Darcy Burch Venue Crew

Darcy Burch | VenueCrew Venue Finder

Hint #4: Light It Up

One of the most important atmospheric features at a party is lighting. Your venue can be completely transformed using different colours and intensities of light, and an effective visual display will impress your guests immediately. There are all kinds of installations to consider, including LED up lighters and colour washes, through to rotating disco balls and gobos that shine patterns or logos onto the venue’s architecture. 

Lighting livens up any party atmosphere and it can enhance the dancefloor experience. An experienced lighting technician can even harmonise the lighting to match the beat of the music. Or, to add the ultimate wow factor, a fireworks display can be incorporated into the event schedule.

St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
First dance at St Bart's Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
Atmospheric lighting is a photographer’s dream, especially for the first dance moment at a wedding reception party. The couple can dance beneath a disco ball and the romantic lighting will make the bride’s dress sparkle as she moves. This image taken by Jonny MP Photography at St Bart’s Brewery in London captures the scene beautifully.

Kelly Collins | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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Hint #5: Cuisine That Matches Your Theme

Are you planning a Mexican fiesta, a Chinese New Year party or an engagement celebration inspired by your romantic getaway? If you’re theming your event by a destination, why not take your guests on a culinary journey to the place itself? The attention to detail won’t go unnoticed, and it’s a fun way to get everyone on board with the theme.

Food is an instant party mood booster that will get people talking. As your guests dive into a smorgasbord of new tastes and textures, it’s an instant conversation starter that will keep the energy levels high. There are all kinds of formats to choose from beyond the usual canapés and seated meals – think live cooking stations, cocktail making classes or rustic pizza vans. There are all kinds of innovative food and drinks vendors that will take the party atmosphere up a notch.

St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
Grazing table at Urban Winery Sydney
Packing your party with delicious flavours and interesting fusions will make all the difference. Late-night charcuterie boards are always a great staple to keep your guests fuelled on the dance floor. You can add in fresh flowers and chopping boards to create a rustic effect, as shown here at Urban Winery Sydney.
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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Hint #6: Exciting Entertainment

Entertainment is everything if you want to go all out at your next big party. There are a whole host of exciting suppliers out there with great reputations and years of event experience. From flamethrowers and dance troupes to flamboyant samba dancers, you can put on a show to remember with the right entertainment in tow. 

With your theme in mind, you can begin to brainstorm a host of interactive experiences that would set the best party atmosphere at your next event. For example, billiard tables and cocktail artists wouldn’t go amiss at a James Bond-themed 40th, or trapeze artists and gymnasts would work a treat at a circus-themed corporate social. Then, if your budget allows, don’t forget to invest in quality photography to create the ultimate photo album after the event!

St Barts Brewery by Jonny MP Photography
Dunbar House, Sydney
If you are having a cultural celebration, what better way to tie in with theme than through entertainers? Here at Dunbar House in Sydney, the bride and groom incorporated a vibrant Chinese Dragon Ceremony into their wedding day.
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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