7 Wedding Venue Viewing Tips to Make the Most of Your Tours

By Emily /Editorial Manager

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 Wedding Venues
Royal Lancaster London Wedding Venue, Nine Kings Suite, Lawson Photography

Expert Advice from Our Leading Venue Finders

Picking your ideal wedding venue can be a stressful and time-consuming process, particularly when there is so much to compare and contrast before you come to your final decision. VenueCrew makes this process simpler, with our free wedding venue finding service for couples in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

VenueCrew removes the confusion of contacting dozens of venues; streamlines the selecting process; and handpicks venues that suit your desired date, budget, capacity and style. We’ll filter out the no-gos and only send you a venue selection that meets all of your required components. 

All It Takes Is 4 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Call one of our Venue Finders and chat about the kind of venue you’re hoping for
  • Step 2: We’ll respond with a collection of suitable venues and affordable quotes
  • Step 3: Your wedding venue viewing will help you finalise your venue decision
  • Step 4: You book your dream wedding venue and start planning the creative details

The Wedding Venue Viewing

So let’s talk about Step 3, the wedding venue viewing. This part is more important than you might think, as while a venue might be your type on paper, you need to experience the space to know that it’s right for you. They are also a chance to get to know your Wedding Coordinator and bombard them with questions, guilt-free!

In this article, our highly experienced Venue Finders will provide tips and insights into how to get the most out of your wedding venue viewing. They will help you ask the most productive questions to identify key venue comparison points and deal breakers.

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Tip #1: Factor in Your First Impression

When you first arrive at your wedding venue viewing, take a moment to soak it all in. Are you walking directly into the event space, or is there a foyer, reception area or series of hallways leading you there? If you’re into visuals, these first moments matter. Remember to take photos if you’d like to remind yourself of the spaces and share them with your spouse or family members. Here are some initial questions to ask as you approach the wedding spaces:

  • Is the venue hire exclusive or are there other events going on simultaneously?
  • Can I decorate the hallways on route to the function rooms?
  • Is there wheelchair access to all of the event spaces?
They say it takes a mere 7 seconds to make a first impression, so when you turn up at a wedding venue you can form a judgement right away. That’s why the wedding venue viewing is so important as you want to feel excited about the vibe of the venue from the second you arrive. Trust your instincts!
Kelly Collins Venue Crew London Event Planner

Kelly Collins | VenueCrew Venue Finder


Belair House

We love the grand symmetrical entrance to Belair House in Dulwich, South East London. As your guests arrive, the monochrome porch is the perfect photo backdrop.

Location: Gallery Road, England, SE21 7AB, United Kingdom

Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Pricing: From $1000 Per Morning Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $2000 Per Evening Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $4000 Per Evening Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $350 Per Morning Hire Fee

Pricing: From $500 Per Evening Hire Fee

Pricing: From $7000 Per Day Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $12000 Per Day Minimum Spend

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Tip #2: Talk About Timings

It’s handy to walk through the typical wedding schedule on your wedding venue viewing, from guest arrival to departure. This will paint a picture of how the day will run so that you can pass on useful timing information to potential suppliers. If you’re opting for a dry hire venue (a venue where you can bring in your own decorations, food and beverages), this information is particularly important, to ensure everything is ready and cleared in time. Here are some useful questions to ask the Wedding Coordinator about timings:

  • When will I have access to the venue to set up?
  • What’s the typical wedding schedule at the venue?
  • When does the music and alcohol license end?
Some wedding venues are generous with their hire timings, whereas others have a strict turnover during peak season or if they might be open to the public during the daytime. If you’ve got lots of external suppliers and a catering company coming in to set up, a longer event hire makes all the difference.
London Event Planner Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith | VenueCrew Venue Finder

The Waldorf Hilton Wedding Venue, Palm Court

Waldorf Hilton

The Waldorf Hilton in central London is an incredible dry hire wedding venue that is open to lots of creative ideas and wedding setups. Their late license is until 1 am so the party atmosphere can continue into the early hours.

Location: Aldwych, England, WC2B 4DD, United Kingdom

Capacity: Up to 500 guests

Pricing: From $14000 Per Day Dry Hire

Pricing: From $130 Per Day Per Person

Pricing: From $14000 Per Day Minimum Spend

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Tip #3: Visualise Your Ceremony Setup

On the wedding venue viewing, the Wedding Coordinator will take you to the rooms or outdoor areas that are appropriate for ceremonies. When you get there, discuss the layout and where the wedding aisle will be placed. For example, you might have envisioned a very long aisle with a dramatic entrance, or something intimate and understated. There might be more than one way to arrange the space to fit in with your ideas – leave no stone unturned! Our frequently asked ceremony questions include:

  • What kind of ceremony chairs are included or can we bring in our own? 
  • Do you accept Asian weddings and Mandap ceremonies?
  • Is confetti permitted at this wedding venue?
The marriage ceremony lies at the core of all wedding celebrations. Do you picture exchanging vows on the beach, in a classical ballroom, or at a beautiful botanical garden? These are the essential elements that VenueCrew take seriously when creating your venue shortlist. On your wedding venue viewing, make sure the ceremony setup matches your exact vision.
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

The Terrace Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

The Terrace in the Royal Botanic Gardens is a reception venue that partners with the park for ceremonies with a garden feel and a dramatic Melbourne city skyline backdrop.

Location: Anderson Street, South Yarra, Victoria, 3141, Australia

Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Pricing: From $8500 Per Day Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $140 Per Day Per Person

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Tip #4: Run Through the Reception Arrangement

When you enter the primary reception spaces on your wedding venue viewing, look around and try to picture how it would look decorated. Perhaps the Wedding Coordinator might be able to show you some photographs of previous setups to get your imagination flowing. Also, if there are several different reception rooms available on your chosen date, you could combine them to form different zones, such as a dancing, dining and or breakout areas. Here are some questions to guide your conversation about the wedding reception rooms:

  • How many guests comfortably fit in this room with and without a dancefloor? 
  • What table layouts would you recommend for this reception space?
  • Do you have a recommended supplier list and are there any suppliers e.g. fireworks?
The wedding reception is the longest component of the wedding day and so creating the right ambience is key. Do you want a party atmosphere where your guests are on the dance floor all night long? Or do you want a casual affair that includes a leisurely lunch and ends in the late afternoon? Chatting through this on your wedding venue viewing will get the Wedding Coordinator on the same page immediately.
Aneeza Qureshi London Event Planner

Aneeza Qureshi | VenueCrew Venue Finder

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms Wedding Venue, First Floor Lobby

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms

The Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, London, has a whopping 37 event spaces to choose from and features a majestic twin staircase to wow your guests. It’s the perfect place to kick off your London reception.

Location: Great Queen Street, England, WC2B 5DA, United Kingdom

Capacity: Up to 1000 guests

Pricing: From $90 Per Day Per Person

Pricing: From $4500 Per Day Dry Hire

Pricing: From $12000 Per Day Dry Hire

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Tip #5: Find Out About More About the Food and Drink

Getting the food and drink right is super important to leave your guests content throughout your wedding day. Incorporating all the senses will make your wedding day interactive and memorable. If you’d like to feature the cuisine from your home country or serve a particular fusion of dishes, it’s great to ask about this at your wedding venue viewing. Also, if you have any dietary or religious requests, it’s worth mentioning these earlier rather than later. Here are some question ideas to spark the catering conversation:

  • Do you offer in-house catering and what’s the typical cuisine?
  • If so, what are the menus like and do you offer vegan, vegetarian or halal options?
  • If not, who are your recommended caterers?
Catering is often closely linked to your wedding venue choice. On one hand, the venue might have an in-house chef that will cook your entire wedding spread from canapés through to desserts, whereas others have a list of preferred caterers you can opt for. With so many options, it’s all a matter of taste!
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

Park Hyatt Melbourne

The reception meal is one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding day. It’s a flavoursome experience that fuels the energy of your event. Park Hyatt Melbourne has an incredible array of modern multicultural catering options for every flavour you can imagine.

Location: Parliament Place, Melbourne, Victoria, 3002, Australia

Capacity: Up to 600 guests

Pricing: From $10000 Per Session Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $195 Per Day Per Person

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Tip #6: Consider the Costs

Your wedding venue viewing is the ideal chance to assess the value for money. As you walk around the venue, take note of what’s on offer for the price that’s been set. Also, bear in mind the style, age, location and exclusivity of the venue in these costs. The price will also vary depending on the season and day of the year. All of these factors will help you weigh up what’s the best deal for you. VenueCrew’s close relationships with venues around London, Melbourne and Sydney will also guarantee the best prices out there. Some productive price points to raise are:

  • How much are the wedding packages and what is included? 
  • Is there a minimum spend that I need to meet?
  • Have you got any seasonal offers?
Booking a venue is traditionally the most expensive portion of your wedding day, so sticking to your venue budget sets you off to a good start. On your wedding venue viewing, don’t be afraid to run through the price breakdown to find out what’s exactly in the packages. A great Wedding Coordinator will always be transparent with their offering.
Kelly Collins Venue Crew London Event Planner

Kelly Collins | VenueCrew Venue Finder

The Hurlingham Club Wedding Venue, Palm Court, Photography by Tom & Lizzie Redman

The Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club is a hidden gem in Fulham, London. it has extensive grounds, a heritage country clubhouse and in-house catering all included in its wedding offering. Plus, it has packages from as low as £100 per head which is fantastic value for such a prestigious wedding venue.

Location: Ranelagh Gardens, England, SW6 3PR, United Kingdom

Capacity: Up to 1200 guests

Pricing: From $100 Per Day Per Person

Pricing: From $10000 Per Day Minimum Spend

Pricing: From $15000 Per Day Dry Hire

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Tip #7: Look into Location Logistics

Your guests won’t want to miss a moment, so make sure transport links to the venue are as easy as possible. Check out the local car parks, tube stations and bus stops whilst you are at the wedding venue viewing, so you have all bases covered. It’s handy to pool all of this information on your wedding invites or bespoke wedding website, so your guests can make arrangements as necessary. Here are some helpful questions to check the navigation details:

  • What are the transport links like and is there a car park?
  • Do you have hotel accommodation, or if not can you recommend some nearby? 
  • Do you have preferential hotel offers for wedding guests?
You know what they say, ‘location, location, location!’ It’s an important factor to consider on your venue search. At your wedding venue viewing, the Wedding Coordinator will be able to suggest suitable car parking arrangements nearby and accommodation options for your guests. Also, as you arrive and leave the viewing, think about your journey and ways to make it as seamless as possible.
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

The Langham Sydney Wedding Venue, Entrance

The Langham, Sydney

The Langham Sydney is a luxurious 5-star hotel wedding venue, located in the heart of The Rocks district. Although it feels tucked away in a tranquil neighbourhood, Circular Quay station is just a 7-minute drive away and the hotel rooms are available at special rates for wedding guests.

Location: Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Pricing: From $162 Per Day Per Person

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