7 Signs a Venue Is a Good Fit for the Event You’re Planning

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The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor

Choosing the perfect venue can be tricky, especially when there are so many factors to consider: Can it fit all of your guests? Is it wheelchair accessible? What about the catering on offer? These are just a few of the countless questions you’ll need to keep in mind to find the best fit possible. The team at VenueCrew are always here to help – we have dedicated Venue Finders who take all the time and legwork out of the process. Think of us as the nifty shortcut you’ve been hoping for! We look forward to assisting you with your venue search and in the meantime, we’ve put together a list of seven useful pointers to keep you on the right track.  

Tip #1: Capacity Is a Crucial Consideration

First things first, your guest list will ultimately determine the size of the venue you need. Once you’ve received most of the RSVPs and have a rough gauge of your capacity, you can start browsing for options within your upper and lower range. Things to bear in mind are whether you’d like one continuous space for the entire occasion or multiple function suites for different sections of the event. Some venues even feature moveable walls so you can adjust the room size to fit your guest list – ideal!

It’s particularly important to get your venue capacity right, as you wouldn’t want your guests feeling too cramped or swamped at your event. We always advise to aim for that sweet spot in between, where the room feels full enough to create a vibrant atmosphere, but there is still enough space for your guests to move around, mingle, network or dance. 

Thinking you might need a helping hand to find the right venue fit? VenueCrew’s insider knowledge will save you time and effort. Our Venue Finders can provide you with free advice and a personalised list of options that match your required capacity. We cut to the chase and make your venue finding journey as easy as can be.

The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor
The Boathouse at The Spit event space
Zest's The Boathouse at The Spit is a gorgeous waterfront venue in Mosman, Sydney. The open-plan space can be configured in ten different ways to suit your capacity - it's endlessly versatile!
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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Tip #2: Pricing Is Paramount to Keep Within Your Budget

It’s no secret that hiring a venue is one of the most expensive aspects of hosting an event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate conference or big birthday bash. So, if you need to work to a tight cost bracket, it’s important to search below your upper limit to keep things realistic. If you spend too much on your venue, you might not have enough to spend on other event essentials. 

There are three common pricing structures for venues, the first being ‘packages’. These are usually the easiest way to ensure all of your guests get the best possible experience, as they often include a seated or standing meal, a set number of drinks and venue hire, all wrapped up in a neat price per head. Alternatively, your venue might ask you to meet a minimum spend to grant venue exclusivity. This means you need to pay a certain price no matter how many attend or how much food and drink you order.

VenueCrew understands the importance of getting the price right so you’re not left out of pocket. We handle every enquiry individually and will curate a range of appropriate venues that always agree with your budget. Our services are completely free and our great industry relations guarantee the best deals out there!

The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor
Alfresco space at Devonshire Terrace
Devonshire Terrace is a hidden gem in central London. The huge courtyard sits beneath a soaring glass roof so you can celebrate all year round. Its minimum spend arrangement means that rather than spending lots on venue hire, all of your money is put towards food, drink and entertainment for your guests.
Aneeza Qureshi London Event Planner

Aneeza Qureshi | VenueCrew Venue Finder

Check Out Devonshire Terrace

Tip #3: Location, Location, Location

Location is a big deal when it comes to planning your event, as you want to ensure everyone can make it and arrive with ease. Filtering by area also helps to narrow your target and speed up your shortlisting process. We’d also recommend considering how your guests will be travelling to and from the event, whether that be by public transport or in a car. In either case, it’s reassuring for them to know that there are parking facilities or a train station nearby.

For guests travelling from afar, accommodation is another factor to think about. Whilst hiring a remote venue might be more picturesque and offer you more outdoor space, there might not be a place to stay overnight. If so, it’s worth researching if there are hotels nearby to put up your guests. Once you’ve evaluated the travel logistics of a particular location, you’ll feel more confident about your final venue decision.

VenueCrew appreciates how stressful it can be finding a location to suit everyone, especially if you’re new to planning events. Luckily, our years of wedding, corporate and social event experience will help you to fine-tune the venue search process. We will be able to pass on valuable guidance, answer all questions and find special accommodation rates for your guests.

The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor
55 George Street Rooftop at Rydges Sydney Harbour
Incredible views, hotel accommodation and a location you could only dream of, 55 George Street at Rydges Sydney Harbour has it all. Circular Quay station is also a short walk away and the Sydney Passenger Cruise Terminal is across the road, so you'll have all bases covered.
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

Check Out 55 George St Rooftop

Tip #4: The Venue Style Will Make Your Event Stand Out

So, let’s talk about style. Fancy a Great Gatsby party with all the Art Deco details? A corporate candlelit dinner in a castle? Or what about a beachfront wedding in a cool coastal setting? We have a venue up our sleeves for every kind of vibe. The bonus is, you might not have to spend more on additional decor as the interiors will speak for themselves!

Once we’ve sent over a venue shortlist, our expert Venue Finders always recommend that you take the time to view your favourites. They say ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, but you’ll get a better feel for the place once you’ve experienced it. First impressions count and often you’ll know within a few minutes whether it’s the right venue for you.

If you’re not bothered about style and are open to suggestions, VenueCrew will incorporate the practical elements that matter to you. For example, are picturesque views and natural daylight important at your wedding reception? or would you like an outdoor smoking area at your corporate social? No matter how obscure your request, we will point you in the right direction and uncover venues that might have been off your radar.

The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor
Main Room at Urban Winery Sydney
After something a little different? Urban Winery Sydney is one of the most atmospheric venues in East Sydney. The chic industrial interiors make a refreshing change and you can arrange private tastings of their award-winning wines produced on-site. I say no more.
Sydney Event Planner Stephanie Harrison Venue Crew

Stephanie Harrison | VenueCrew Venue Finder

Check Out Urban Winery

Tip #5: Catering Is Always Key

Catering fuels the energy of your event and it’s often the part of the day that guests anticipate! Providing great-tasting food and drinks is an instant crowd-pleaser, so when it’s done well you can’t go wrong. Catering is usually linked closely to your venue choice, so it’s an important decision to make early on. 

Each venue has it’s individual catering arrangements: some have in-house chefs who will provide canapés, cocktails and plated meals for you, others have a list of recommended suppliers, or in some cases, you can choose ‘dry hire’. This is when you can bring in your preferred caterers as long as they have the correct health and safety documentation.

Here at VenueCrew, we are clued up on what our partner venues offer when it comes to catering. We can help you filter out your no-gos and proceed with the ones that fit. We can also match you up with the best catering companies in the industry who can accommodate all religious and dietary needs. Then you can get to the fun part… the food tasting!

The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor
The Ballroom at The Langham London
Imagine being catered for by a Michelin Star chef? The menus at The Langham London are overseen by the celebrity chef Michel Roux Junior so the attention to detail, quality of food and value for money is unparalleled.
Kelly Collins Venue Crew London Event Planner

Kelly Collins | VenueCrew Venue Finder

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Tip #6: Technology Should Be Top Notch

Looking for excellent acoustics for live music at your work party, vibrant disco lights at your son’s 21st, or a place where wedding speeches can be heard from the back of the room? Getting the right technology where you need it can completely transform your event and make it as immersive and successful as possible.  

Whilst a lot of modern venues have the latest AV technology and high-speed WiFi already built into their event spaces, it’s handy to remember that a lot of heritage-listed buildings have restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Take note of this at the beginning of your venue search so that you don’t encounter technological hitches later down the line.

Nowadays, technology is a big tick-box to look out for when finding the right venue. Our top tip if you’re looking for the ultimate blank canvas is to opt for a dry hire venue. They usually have all the rigging in place and are used to regular hi-tech installations, so you can go all-out with the production. Whatever you’re after, VenueCrew will help you to make it happen. 

The Kitty Hawk Corporate Function, Top Floor
Grand Hall at De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms
The Grand Connaught Rooms is one of the most popular dry hire options in central London, where you can bring in your own decorations, stage, or even a light-up dancefloor! The built-in colour changing LEDs are also perfect for Asian weddings and large scale corporate events.
London Event Planner Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith | VenueCrew Venue Finder

Check Out Grand Connaught Rooms

Tip #7: A Talented Team Is the Icing on the Cake

Having a reliable, organised and creative group of people around you makes event planning all the more enjoyable. Event professionals take the pressure off and sort out the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on preparing a speech, toasting with your guests or kicking off the dancefloor. There is so much behind the scenes work so that’s why we’re here to help!

VenueCrew is a friendly collective of Venue Specialists and Event Planners who know their stuff when it comes to picking the perfect scene for your event. What’s more, our services are completely free!

Think of us as an extension of your dream team who you can call on for advice and full venue finding support. Whether you’re at the very start of your venue search, or you need a last-minute solution, we can’t wait to discuss your plans and get started.

Contact our Venue Finders today.

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