Is Thursday the new Friday?

By Darcy Allen /Melbourne Venue Expert

Tue 2nd Jul 2024 Corporate Venues

Is Thursday the new Friday?

In the world of event planning, Fridays have traditionally been the prime days for hosting corporate gatherings. However, a new trend is emerging that is changing the game: Thursdays are fast becoming the new Friday. 

This shift is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, making Thursdays the ideal choice for events like corporate parties, networking mixers, product launches, and even social gatherings like weddings and birthday celebrations.

Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on Thursdays.

You’ll get a better price

One of the main benefits of hosting your company party on a Thursday – or earlier in the week – is the increased availability of venues. This often translates to more competitive pricing. Since Fridays and weekends are popular for various events, opting for a midweek slot can save you money. The savings can then be allocated to enhance other aspects of your event, such as food, drinks, décor, or entertainment. Which brings us to our next point…

Easier to secure top vendors

Choosing a Thursday for your event means you have a better chance of securing top vendors, such as caterers, DJs, and photographers, who are typically booked out on weekends. With less competition for their services, these vendors are more likely to be available and fully committed to delivering their best work. The reduced busyness of a midweek event allows them to focus more on your specific needs, resulting in higher quality service and a more memorable experience for your guests. By opting for a Thursday, you ensure that your event benefits from the expertise and dedication of the best in the business.

Improved attendance

We understand that Fridays and Saturdays are often reserved for bottomless brunches with friends or birthday drinks. And that’s why, for the office Christmas party, Thursdays can be a great alternative. By hosting your event on a Thursday, you’re likely to see higher attendance rates since your team members won’t have to choose between your celebration and their weekend plans. Your guests will appreciate not having to sacrifice their weekend activities.

No more business talk

No one wants to discuss work on a Friday evening. Hosting your event on a Thursday allows you to set the stage for business discussions before the festivities begin. Clients and event planners can kick off mid-afternoon with a conference-style setup, featuring inspiring speeches about growth plans or the future of the business. After the formalities, the celebration continues with food, drinks, entertainment, and dancing as a well-deserved reward.

Leverage that weekend feeling

One of the pillars of employee well-being is work/life balance, an increasingly important factor for both employees and employers. Hosting team gatherings during dedicated work hours – such as a Thursday afternoon – enables companies to help their teams maintain a clear distinction between work time and family time.

Shake it up

Hosting your Christmas party on a Thursday can set it apart from the usual Friday events, making it more memorable and showing your team that extra effort was put into creating a unique and spectacular experience.

7 days of the week for 7 different event opportunities

Event planners are discovering that Thursdays offer unique advantages that can elevate any occasion. But why stop there? In fact, at Venue Crew, we believe it’s time for event planners to use all seven days of the week. 

With 2024 dates still available, our team of venue specialists are ready to help bring your next corporate party to life. To discuss corporate package options or to book a venue tour, reach out to us today. We can help you find the perfect venue for your product launch, an end of year party, gala dinner or any other corporate event. 

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