9 Reasons to Host a Corporate Cocktail Party

By Fiona Parmley /Corporate Events Expert

Mon 1st Jul 2024 Corporate Venues

9 Reasons to Host a Corporate Cocktail Party

Ready to make your next corporate event an even bigger success? If you’re bored of traditional sit-down dinners and want to create an atmosphere that’s engaging and interactive, a corporate cocktail party might just be the perfect solution.

Instead of the usual structured sit-down dinner, picture a cocktail party where guests can move freely around the room, engage more and truly enjoy their evening. Whether it’s an end-of-year celebration, a product launch, a networking event or a team-building occasion, cocktail parties are quickly becoming the preferred choice for corporate events. 

Need more convincing? Here’s 9 reasons why you should host a cocktail party for your next corporate event.

1. Create more networking opportunities

Cocktail events create an atmosphere where casual conversations have more opportunities to happen naturally. Without a strict seating chart, guests have the freedom to move around and choose to interact with a variety of colleagues and clients, creating spontaneous conversations and connections that might not have happened in a more formal sit-down event. 

2. More flexibility in venue selection 

Cocktail parties also offer greater flexibility when searching for venues. Because of their minimal seating needs, you’ll be able to view a wider range of locations and even be able to choose more unique venue spaces like art galleries, rooftop terraces, and outdoor gardens. This flexibility makes it easier for those planning to find a venue space that aligns perfectly with the event theme and business. And, it can also give you more flexibility within your budget too. 

3. Cost effective

When you think of the catering difference between a sit-down dinner and a cocktail event with bite-sized canapes and drinks, most people will get a general idea of which option would take up less of their budget. With no need for elaborate table settings or multiple courses, the cost per head for a cocktail party will often come in far below a more formal seated affair. Unlike a seated event, if you end up with a few more guests on the night of your event, you won’t have to stress about finding a plate or seat for them, making a cocktail event a more flexible option. 

4. Increased guest list

Without the need for seating arrangements, cocktail parties allow you to invite more people to your event. This is particularly beneficial for larger companies or when you want to include clients and partners within the guest list. The informal arrangement of a cocktail event ensures that everyone can mingle and feel a part of the night without the space feeling overcrowded. 

5. Wider catering options

While sit-down dinners do offer a full-course meal option, cocktail event catering offers even more choices than chicken, seafood or vegetarian options. Instead of a fixed menu, cocktail events let you choose from a range of canapes, finger foods, and even food activation stations. This setup caters to different tastes and dietary preferences while letting you customise the menu to fit your event theme, but it also adds an element of excitement as guests get to sample a variety of dishes across the night.

6. Casual and relaxed atmosphere

The relaxed, laid-back atmosphere is another bonus of choosing a cocktail event. Guests can feel fewer expectations when coming to these events with a more laid-back evening to look forward to. This informal setting helps break down barriers and lets guests roam freely to engage in light-hearted conversation, to help encourage an environment that makes it easier for guests to unwind and have a genuinely good time. 

7. Unique entertainment options

If you want to give your event an extra wow factor, entertainment is usually the way to go. Since your cocktail event layout won’t be contained to stage and table arrangements, you’ll find you have more access to a range of unique and roving entertainment like DJs, magicians, dancers, photo booths, and more. This variety of choices can help enhance the theme of your corporate event or create extra interest for guests at your event. 

8. No strict event schedule

Choosing a cocktail event also means that you don’t have a strict schedule of speeches and events to follow throughout the night and instead can just let the night flow naturally. This is even more beneficial if there are a few delays or unexpected changes that might happen.

9. More opportunities for creative themes

If your event has a theme or is part of a product launch, cocktail events offer more opportunities to get creative. Whether you want to add some fun decorations or incorporate games or specific themed entertainment, this informal setting lets you fully customise your event in a way that might not have been as suitable for a sit-down dinner. 

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