What’s an RFP?

By Kelly Collins /London Venue Expert

Fri 18th Aug 2023 Corporate Venues

What’s an RFP?




Whether you’re new to the events industry or not, there are three letters that every planner should know before selecting venues and services for their next project: RFP.


So, what is an RFP?

Firstly, it stands for Request for Proposal, and we like to think of it as the equivalent of an event brief.

An RFP is the summary document you send to potential event venues and providers, sharing details of the event you’re planning. You’ll then follow this up by requesting a proposal for their services.

RFPs can be handy when comparing prices, deliverables, and timescales of providers. It’s basically a one-sheet of info that lets you quickly summarise everything about your event.

Once you’ve received all your proposals back, you can make an informed decision and choose the provider that best suits your event.


Why should you create an RFP?

An RFP can be helpful if you’re planning to cost-compare many venues for your event. Instead of reaching out to individual providers and repeatedly typing up the same information, having an RFP means you’ll always have the relevant information on hand.

It also ensures a level playing field when you receive proposals from each venue or vendor. If each provider receives the same information, it’s much easier to rule out an unfair or unclear advantage.

Here at Venue Crew, we eliminate your need for an RFP by providing you with a hands-on service in which we manage all your venue outreach and proposals for you. We do it for free, leaving you with more time to focus on the bigger picture, like what you want your guests to get out of the event you’re planning. To get started, simply submit a brief, and we’ll get in touch ASAP.


What should be included in an RFP?

When you’re putting together a new RFP for your event, there are a few key pieces of information you’ll want to include. Including the below fields in your RFP ensures that you’ll receive comprehensive proposals from providers. It also saves the constant back-and-forth exchange of information, capturing all of the essential details in one handy form.

Some of the main elements you’ll want to include in an RFP are:

  1. Event Details: You’ll need to provide some basic information about your event here. Include your event name, the date it’s taking place, the location and, of course, the expected number of attendees.
  2. Event Needs: As much as you can, try to be upfront and specific about what you need from your providers. It might be unique dietary options for your catering or specialised AV equipment — whatever you need, expressing it here will save you from potential stress and misunderstanding later down the line.
  3. Budget: What’s your general budget? For some, it’s easier to calculate a per-head cost, while others may find that they have a tight overall spend for the entire event. Whatever way you calculate it, it’s important to have an idea going in of your comfortable event budget range. Communicating your budget to vendors or venues you want to work with is important. They can then tailor their proposals accordingly and even create packages based on the amount you have available to spend. It’s also important to be vocal about any constraints or limitations you may have. That way you, can decide whether you need to shop around for other providers who can offer services within your budget.
  4. Timeline: If you have an idea of the time of day, number of days, and general length of your event, it’s great to include this level of detail in your RFP or event brief.
  5. Contact Information: Don’t forget to provide up-to-date contact information, especially a phone number. Bonus points if you can include the best contact times.

If you’re looking for unique locations and services for your next event, look no further. Let Venue Crew help you find the perfect space for your event. Simply contact us today to get started with our free venue-finding service.


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