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Your Guide to the Best Winery Wedding Venues in Brisbane

There’s a reason why so many couples choose a winery as the setting for their wedding day. Picturesque countryside with gorgeous valleys and expansive estates, wide-open skies and a blend of rustic and contemporary aesthetics, wineries are a special setting for a sense of exclusivity and escape.

Our Brisbane Venue Specialists know all about winery wedding venues and they have some things you ought to consider before booking your dates.


VenueCrew Specialist Tip #1: Religious and civil ceremonies are welcome.

Don’t think that a winery excludes you from having a religious or cultural celebration. Most wineries are able to accommodate specific rites and rituals, and will happily discuss how to bring the traditional elements of your ceremony or reception to life. Many wineries also have a non-denominational chapel onsite.


VenueCrew Specialist Tip #2: Check out accommodation options.

Unless you’re keen on an urban winery, most of Brisbane’s wineries are located outside of the city. Many couples take this opportunity to escape the city and suburbs and stay a few nights at or around their winery wedding venue. It could be a cosy stone cabin or a deluxe room at a grand country mansion. It’s a generous idea to consider your guests’ accommodation, as well.

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Raise a glass to winery wedding venues in Brisbane, and let our Brisbane Venue Specialists find the best wineries for your wedding. They’ll make some enquiries on your behalf and get back to you with the best quotes.