6 Unique Corporate Events You Should Know About

By Darcy Allen /Melbourne Venue Expert

Tue 30th Apr 2024 Corporate Venues

6 Unique Corporate Events You Should Know About

When you think of “corporate event,” you’d be forgiven for instantly picturing boardrooms and expensive suits. However, it’s important to note that corporate events vary widely in type, each designed with a distinct purpose. Regardless of a company’s industry, mission, or culture, meetings and events are essential to all businesses, even those that don’t fit the traditional “corporate” mould.

At Venue Crew, we love any excuse to party. And that’s why we specialise in sourcing unforgettable venues tailored to the unique needs of every business – whether they’re sleek and sophisticated or quirky and informal. Our goal is to help you find the perfect event space for your corporate party.

But did you know that there’s a wider range of corporate events to consider, beyond the EOFY party and end-of-year festivities? Here, we’ll share 6 unique corporate events you should know about – and want to host!

1. Team-building events

Team-building events can be standalone activities or integrated into larger gatherings such as conferences and corporate retreats. Organisations hold these events with several objectives in mind, including:

  • Enhancing communication
  • Fostering trust
  • Creating stronger connections
  • Addressing conflicts
  • Inspiring team members
  • Elevating morale
  • Developing professional skills
  • Sharpening decision-making capabilities

2. Wellness events

Increasingly, businesses and event planners are incorporating wellness events into conferences, retreats, and even daily office life. These events go beyond just physical health, aiming to boost employees’ overall well-being and satisfaction.

A large-scale convention might feature a group wellness activity, such as a collective mindfulness exercise or a gratitude session, involving thousands of participants. On a smaller scale, individual wellness activities like yoga sessions or team challenges can be organised. These can be held in office meeting spaces or nearby public areas, such as parks, making them easily accessible and convenient.

3. Customer & client appreciation events

Customer appreciation events are an excellent way to express gratitude towards your loyal clients and acknowledge the business they contribute to your company. Smaller businesses can reduce costs associated with renting special event venues by organising these events on their premises or choosing unique, unconventional locations such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Nightclubs
  • Amusement parks
  • Arcades
  • Museums
  • Art galleries

4. Awards ceremonies

Reward individual and collective achievements, celebrate company successes, and shower employees with recognition for their dedication and hard work by hosting a company awards night. Nominate individuals for specific awards, such as “Employee of the Year” or “Best Leader,” and invite colleagues to vote for the winner. Announce award recipients at a formal-to-semi-formal event that includes drinks, dinner, and entertainment. Choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate your company guest list.

5. Networking events

Collaborate with a stylish restaurant, brewery, or tapas house to host a relaxed after-hours networking mixer for local businesses. Use this opportunity to enhance your company’s community profile, while enabling employees to pursue their interests and mingle with professionals from different sectors. Strengthen ties with other local businesses by teaming up to sponsor and organise regular networking gatherings. Include speed networking sessions in conference schedules to boost attendance and enhance the event’s value.

6. Fundraisers

Companies often collaborate with community groups, charities, and nonprofits to organise corporate fundraising efforts. These events can be held online or in person and range widely in scale based on the event type. Common types of corporate fundraisers include:

  • Auctions (such as live or silent)
  • Raffles
  • Themed galas
  • Online sweepstakes
  • Donation drives
  • Concerts
  • Matching gift events
  • Game nights (like Bingo or Casino Night)

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