7 reasons to have a regional wedding in VIC

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7 reasons to have a regional wedding in VIC

‘Wide open spaces’. ‘Country charm’. ‘Small-town hospitality’. These are just some of the reasons why more and more couples are opting for a regional wedding over a traditional city ceremony.

With the allure of natural landscapes, the intimacy of secluded settings, and the authenticity of farm-to-fork food culture, what’s not to love about hosting a regional wedding in Victoria?

Darcy Allen, our resident B2C manager at Easy Weddings told us: “When privacy is key! The benefits of looking at a regional wedding venue is most commonly for exclusivity of the venue, and/or the ability to host a multi-day wedding weekend with your nearest and dearest without the added pressures of CBD logistics, traffic – you name it.”

If you’re newly engaged and considering a regional wedding, or you simply want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for your special day, a country venue could be the perfect choice. Need more convincing? Read on as we share 7 reasons to have a regional wedding.

1. Incredible location

Location is a key advantage of regional wedding venues, which typically offer a sense of seclusion and privacy not easily found in its city counterparts. These venues often limit their bookings to one wedding per day, allowing couples to enjoy a more exclusive and personalised experience.

Its main drawing card is that regional wedding venues combine the best of outdoor and indoor settings. Providing the perfect backdrop for garden ceremonies and starlit receptions, venues such as Lancemore Milawa allow couples to tailor their day to their tastes – with ample space and flexibility.

Lancemore Milawa
Venue: Lancemore Milawa

2. Farm to fork experience

Country wedding venues are renowned for their farm-to-fork dining experiences, taking advantage of the abundance of locally-grown produce available right at their doorstep. Rustic yet refined menus like those at Mitchelton Winery, incorporates its award-winning estate wines with its local produce to favour sustainable and ethical farming methods.

As consumers become increasingly conscious of the origins of their food, regional wedding venues are emphasising their commitment to supporting local farmers and artisans, offering a truly authentic and sustainable dining experience.

Mitchelton Wines
Venue: Mitchelton Wines

Mitchelton Wines

3. The festivities will keep rolling… and rolling

Regional weddings are ideal for turning your special day into a full weekend getaway. Venues such as Lancemore Macedon Ranges offers 72 elegantly appointed boutique guest rooms, encouraging guests to extend their stay and explore the surrounding area beyond just the main event.

By choosing a regional wedding venue in Victoria, you can spread your festivities across several days, such as having welcome drinks the night before and a farewell breakfast the following day. This setup gives everyone more time to socialise, reconnect, and enjoy each other’s company – and makes for an even more memorable celebration.

Lancemore Macedon Ranges
Venue: Lancemore Macedon Ranges

4. More choices for ceremony and reception

Why settle for just one when you can choose from a variety of ceremony and reception locations? Country wedding venues – such as at Lancemore Lindenderry – offer diverse settings, from ceremonies among 34 acres of stunning gardens and vines to scenic hillside views. The natural beauty of these locations often reduces the need for elaborate decorations, with the landscape itself becoming a central feature of the ceremony. Moreover, multiple options for ceremony spaces mean you’re also covered in case of bad weather.

The fresh air and starlit evenings create a perfect setting for both outdoor and indoor receptions, where guests can enjoy live music and dance into the night without concerns about noise restrictions.


Lancemore Lindenderry
Venue: Lancemore Lindenderry

5. Unbeatable photo opportunities

If the idea of walking through a wine estate during golden hour with your loved one and stunning scenery appeals to you, a regional wedding might be perfect for you. Country wedding venues offer vast opportunities for creating a diverse and beautiful wedding album. Hosting both the ceremony and reception at one site such as at Cleveland Estate solves the common challenge of balancing photo time with guest interaction.

With scenic photo spots within walking distance, couples can capture their special moments without missing out on time with their guests. Regional weddings allow you to stay on-site, minimising travel and maximising enjoyment of your carefully planned day.

Cleveland Estate
Venue: Cleveland Estate

6. Pet-friendly. Need we say more?

We think every wedding should include all loved ones – including four-legged fur-babies. If you’re considering a wedding that includes children, pets, or live music, regional wedding venues offer the perfect setting. These venues provide plenty of space and outdoor areas, making them ideal for kid-friendly and pet-friendly weddings. 

For pet owners, whether you have a dog, cat (or horse), regional wedding venues can accommodate them throughout your big day, including during morning preparations. For example, Warrawong Estate is a well-known pet-friendly venue.

Venue: Warrawong Estate / Photographer: Michael Briggs Photography

7. Plenty of parking

Parking might not seem like a top priority when selecting a venue, but the ease of parking at a regional wedding venue can significantly enhance your guests’ experience. Away from the hassle of city traffic and costly metred parking, regional wedding venues typically offer plenty of free parking for practically every type of transport: cars, buses, and even limousines – you name it. Guests may even have the option to leave their cars overnight and retrieve them the next day, allowing everyone to enjoy the celebration worry-free. Marnong Estate, for example, offers over 250 free parking spaces on its spacious grounds.

Marnong Estate
Venue: Marnong Estate

We can help you find the perfect regional wedding venue

Victoria is seeing a resurgence of stunning country wedding venues, including heritage-listed homesteads, boutique country estates, and wineries that are redefining the wedding scene. As a result, couples now have a wealth of outstanding regional wedding options at their disposal. 

With our strong connections, we’d be delighted to help you pair up with your ideal venue. Talk to our Expert Venue Specialists, who can curate a list of venues for you. Simply tell us your budget, number of guests, and desired dates – and let us do the rest.

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