Top Corporate Event Trends for 2024

By Darcy Allen /Melbourne Venue Expert

Tue 30th Apr 2024 Corporate Venues

Top Corporate Event Trends for 2024

Move over weddings: in 2024, the buzz of corporate events is getting louder and more vibrant than ever. In fact, we think corporate event styling might even upstage weddings – and we think after you read this, you’ll agree.

As we embrace a year of fresh opportunities and innovative ideas, the world of corporate is buzzing with thrilling new trends that promise to dazzle and deliver. It’s less about boring speeches and more to do with attendee satisfaction, interactive activations, and user-generated content. From tech-driven experiences that captivate to eco-friendly initiatives that inspire, get ready to explore our top 5 trends, handpicked by our Venue Event Specialists (who always have their fingers on the pulse.)

1. Unconventional seating

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The enduring trend of creative seating lives on. Say goodbye to the traditional rows of identical chairs, and welcome a new era of plush armchairs draped in luxurious fabrics. As for arrangements, it’s time to break free from conventional layouts. We’ve seen venues experimenting with unconventional (even diagonal!) configurations of chairs and tables. These eye-catching setups not only captivate your client’s guests but also encourage interaction and mingling in exciting new ways.

2. Interactive entrances

Transform entrances into more than mere passageways; make them immersive experiences that set the tone for the entire event from the very first step. Craft thematic entrances that whisk guests away into the event’s world, sparking anticipation and excitement the moment they cross the threshold.

Photo credit: the lionesquegroup, now MG2
Photo credit: the lionesquegroup, now MG2

3. Lounge areas

If you’re in love with a large venue but worried it might feel empty, take a tip from us: craft lounge areas to transform expansive spaces into intimate networking zones. With clever spatial design and custom-built structures, you can turn vast halls into cosy spots for mingling. Use creative partitions, themed sections, and comfy seating to make large areas feel more personal and inviting. Moreover, aim to create an Instagram-worthy environment. A lounge that doubles as a perfect photo opportunity will not only spark conversations but also help create lasting memories.

4. Food as a decorative element

Beyond traditional buffets, think of sushi conveyors or interactive taco stands, where the preparation is part of the spectacle. Imagine the charm of cannoli carts, where guests can watch as these classic Italian desserts are filled to order, adding a touch of artisanal theater to the ambience. You could even transform your drink stations into focal points, where guests don’t just grab a beverage—they enjoy entertainment and interaction. Extend this dynamic approach by incorporating costumed performers not merely as entertainers but as vibrant, integral elements of your event’s décor. At one of our recent events in Brisbane, we had roving champagne dress entertainers, who served bubbly straight from their dresses. Iconic!

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5. Embracing the outdoors… inside

We’re seeing more eco-friendly colour schemes and materials at events in 2024. Think soft greens, earthy tones, and natural textures that create an inviting atmosphere that reflects environmental consciousness. Blending indoor comfort with outdoor ambience is as easy as incorporating vertical gardens, an abundance of flowers (nothing is ever too OTT), indoor water fountains and even wood and stone elements in your decor. Take it one step further by focusing on green practices, from using recyclable decorations to choosing sustainable materials. 

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to decor for your next corporate event, and we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the ideal location. Just reach out for a FREE, personalised recommendation in your area.

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