How to include virtual teams in your corporate event

By Fiona Parmley /Corporate Events Expert

Mon 29th Apr 2024 Corporate Venues

How to include virtual teams in your corporate event

When it comes to running a business, every manager knows that you’re only as good as your team; and with your staff being your most valuable asset, it’s important to create an environment where they feel appreciated and engaged. Herein lies the challenge. 

While productivity is essential, you’ll need to make sure that you’re also providing plenty of opportunities for fun, team-building activities that will boost morale and help the team bond as a whole. This can be particularly difficult when some or all of your staff may be working remotely vs. in a traditional office space. That’s where virtual team events come in.

Virtual teams provide flexibility and engagement opportunities for all you staff, no matter where they may be situated. Here’s some potential virtual event ideas your team are sure to be talking about for weeks to come.

Virtual Trivia

A staple that’s made its way through thousands of virtual offices, worldwide. While generic trivia questions are always fun, why not throw a trivia event based on details about your entire team, like guessing the staff member based on baby photos, or even funny stories that have happened in the office? You can even base your trivia questions on a theme that your staff can pick through a poll shared beforehand. The possibilities are endless.


PechaKuchas are a form of story presentation championed by the Japanese. A presenter showcases 20 slides on a particular topic, speaking on each slide for 20 seconds. PechaKucha events take the reins out of the manager’s hands and pass them onto the staff who can take ownership of the event to come. They’re a great way to evenly distribute the workload and allow your team to showcase their knowledge about a topic dear to them.  

Secret Santa 

In this unique style of virtual event, staff are secretly tasked with ‘purchasing’ a gift for another team mate and providing a cryptic description as to why the gift was chosen. The items in question can be photographed or screenshot from online sites and provided to a facilitator who will compile a slideshow and read out each description,  allowing time for each team member to guess who their Secret Santa is.   

Secret Santa virtual events have always proven to be a crowd pleaser. Up the ante with staff members only being able to ‘purchase’ items from Wish or Temu, both of which are home to the most unusual of gifts. 

Online Classes

For an event that gives back, online classes are a great way to provide your staff with new skills that they can carry into their everyday lives. While online cooking classes proved extremely popular during the lockdowns, you can engage with a number of education providers who can teach your staff a multitude of skills, from crafting beeswax candles to learning about a charitable cause they can support, like Movember or Make-a-Wish – all from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Museum Tour 

Engagement comes in many forms, and some staff may prefer to engage without speaking up too much. This is where virtual tours come into play as they provide a great opportunity for staff to learn about a new place wherever they may be without having to over-extend themselves. 

A great online tour can include famous museums from across the world as well as unique locations from the far flung regions of the globe which your employees may never visit in their lifetime. 

Online Gala 

With the end of the financial year coming up, why not host an online gala to celebrate your staff’s achievements? Online galas are an extremely accessible means of getting all your staff ‘in the one room’ as well providing a means for business owners to show their appreciation for their staff’s hard work. 

With the digital landscape reshaping how businesses operate, you’ll have to adapt to the changing needs of your business, including how to involve your staff in team-building activities that are as flexible as they are meaningful. With hybrid workplaces now operating across state lines, big events are achievable feats that just need the right location fitted with the right AV equipment. 

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