Real Wedding Inspo for Your Modern Wedding Theme

By Amelia Scatigno /Melbourne Venue Expert

Wed 8th Mar 2023 Wedding Venues

Real Wedding Inspo for Your Modern Wedding Theme
Image of The Wool Mill Wedding Venue in Melbourne


When asked which wedding theme they’d go with, 20% of Australian couples opted for a modern, minimalist style (source: Easy Weddings). What does that mean exactly? Well, it depends who you ask. Many couples equate a modern wedding with a crisp venue that features big windows and lots of natural light. Others might focus more on neutral colour palettes and a not-too-fussy approach to decor. In short, it’s a vibe.

The style of your wedding venue plays a huge role in setting the vibe, and a modern space is the foundation. Take a venue like Metropolis Events in Melbourne as an example. The ceilings tower overhead while windows line the walls and make the space feel bright and contemporary. It’s a wedding venue that can easily be decked out in all kinds of OTT decor, but it also shines with a more pared-back, edited approach. Because the space in itself has so much going on, you don’t need to bring in tons of decor to make it feel unique.

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum, a venue like Terrara House in NSW can beautifully complement a minimalist style wedding because it’s all about the outdoors. The natural surroundings of beautifully manicured gardens and vineyards create a setting that sets a dramatic scene regardless of your decor. Of course, you can always bring in a colourful palette and go big with your styling, but a modern, neutral palette is just as gorgeous in this kind of setting.

A modern minimalist wedding theme can also translate across to your wedding invitations, flowers, tablescape, attire, photography, and more. In this inspo guide, we’re sharing images of real weddings from across the globe. We’re always adding new images as we see inspiration ideas for modern weddings pop up all over our feeds. Check back in on occasion to keep your inspo board updated with the latest.

Here are some quick links to modern wedding venues we love:

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