What Common Mistakes Can You Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Venue?

By Darcy Allen /Melbourne Venue Expert

Fri 17th Mar 2023 Wedding Venues

What Common Mistakes Can You Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Venue?


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If you’ve daydreamed about your perfect wedding, you might have pictured a stunning setting, surrounded by friends and loved ones. But wait… where is this idyllic location and what’s the best approach to take when looking for it? Choosing the right wedding venue is a big step in your wedding prep. You need somewhere that can deliver your wedding vision, with an ambiance and atmosphere that’s memorable and feels unique to you as a couple.

There are a few common mistakes that couples make when choosing their dream wedding venue — from not understanding responsibilities on the day to timing issues. In this article, we discuss some of these mistakes and easy fixes so that you can keep a step ahead and have the you’ve always dreamed about.


Not understanding what’s included in your wedding package

When looking at wedding packages offered by venues, attention to detail is everything. Many venues offer packages that include everything from catering and entertainment, making it tempting to opt for the one that gives you the most bang for your buck.

However, to avoid disappointment, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting. Check the package’s fine print to ensure that you’re getting what you expect for your wedding and that you aren’t paying for things you don’t need. It’s also a good idea to ask about any additional charges before purchasing, to ensure you don’t get stung with unexpected costs down the line.


Overlooking the time constraints on the day of the wedding

Your wedding day needs to run like clockwork. That’s why when looking at venues, you should consider the time constraints on the day. How long will the ceremony and reception be? Will there be time for suppliers to load in and out of the venue? How long will it take to prepare the venue and then take things down afterwards? Are you charged extra if you need the venue longer?

These are some of the most important questions to think about to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. Of course, many venues also offer wedding planning services too, taking these problems out of your hands and allowing you to focus on the other areas of your day.


Not asking about how the venue is lit at night

For outdoor events, the look and feel of your wedding is as important as the day itself. Most couples visit prospective venues during the day; a real problem when planning an outdoor wedding where very little lighting is provided by the venue.

Asking your host about the lighting of the venue at night is key. If it’s not what you need, your venue may have a contract with an external supplier who can help or be able to make a recommendation for a hire service. Asking the question will help you to understand if the lighting is suitable, if you need to rent additional lighting or if you need to find a venue with better options.


Forgetting to ask about whether you’ll have exclusive use of the venue

You’ve finally found your ideal venue but… Do you have exclusive use of it on your wedding day? It’s an important question to ask to ensure that you aren’t sharing your special day with another couple or worse — a few hundred conference attendees. For a wedding day free from the interruptions of other events — and nobody crashing those all-important wedding photos — it’s a great idea to make sure you have the place to yourself.

If you don’t have an exclusive agreement, what does the venue do to allow for extra privacy? Are there any options to stagger arrival times for other events so your guests don’t see the other gatherings going on? Is there a separate entrance you can use? All these questions can be addressed during your site inspection.


Not being aware of noise restrictions if you want a late-night wedding

Venues that employ noise restrictions — often due to residential surrounding areas — can be a problem if you plan on celebrating with friends and loved ones into the late evening hours. Ask your venue if they have any restrictions on how late or loud your wedding can be; that way you can either work around them or choose a venue more suited to the reception you’re planning.


Misunderstandings of who’s responsible for what at the venue

Another great idea to ensure your day runs smoothly is being meticulous about envisioning who is responsible for what on your wedding day. This includes tasks like setting up the chairs you’ve hired through a vendor, bringing in a pop-up kitchen for an outdoor wedding, and getting everyone seated for your wedding meal. A useful idea to stay on top of everything is to keep a planner, detailing who’s responsible for individual aspects of your day. That way you can ensure nothing is missed or forgotten about. Before you get too far into planning, it’s critical to clarify with your venue what exactly they’ll manage for you, and where they draw the line.

For guidance on more questions to ask at your first wedding venue site inspection, check out our Free Downloadable PDF of Questions To Ask on a Site Tour.


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