What’s Your Dream Wedding Venue Style?

By Lauren Morison /Australian Venue Expert

Tue 21st Mar 2023 Wedding Venues

What’s Your Dream Wedding Venue Style?


Aunty Kim’s in Melbourne



Every wedding venue has its own vibe. Some are the tried-and-true ballroom with a romantic aesthetic. Others are cool, industrial warehouses that have been converted into wedding venues. And some are simply beautiful countryside estates.

When you’re just getting started with planning your wedding, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for, but you might have a clearer idea of how you want the day to feel.

Here are some examples of the vibe and the type of wedding venue that might match it:

  • Cosy and intimate: wineries, urban restaurants, museums and art galleries, manor houses, private estates
  • A wild, crazy, fun party: ballrooms, converted warehouses, rooftops
  • Rustic and charming: barns, gardens, private estates, wineries, farmsteads, palaces, castles
  • Timeless: churches, reception halls, ballrooms, hotels, country estates, gardens
  • Modern and bold: industrial spaces, restaurants, wineries, museums

In Easy Weddings’ 2023 Wedding Industry Report, couples broke down their wedding style preferences and named rustic as the most popular wedding theme. According to the survey of 3,500+ engaged and recently married couples, the other most popular themes are modern-minimalist, romantic, classic/traditional, and bohemian.

Interested in how venues relate to those styles? So are we. Here are some questions and ideas to think about when you’re defining your wedding venue style:

  • How do you want to feel when you walk into your wedding ceremony?
  • What’s the atmosphere you picture when you think about dining with your loved ones at your reception?
  • When you think of weddings you’ve loved, what’s the first memory that comes to mind?
  • Do you want to go OTT with your wedding decor and get creative with transforming a space? Or do you prefer to choose a venue that has a lot of character and style built-in?
  • What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?
  • Are there any must-haves for your venue? This could be things like waterfront views, beautiful gardens, amazing food, an industrial vibe, or glamorous chandeliers.

Romantic Wedding Venues

The George Ballroom Luxury Weddings Melbourne
The George Ballroom in Melbourne

What romantic weddings are all about: Charm. Beautiful flowers. Long wedding dress trains. Veils. Dramatic looks. Poetry in motion. Settings with a bit of history. Gardens. Floral patterns. Gingham. Meandering greenery. Full tabletops. Candles galore. Chandeliers. Fireworks. Live music. Tradition.

Types of venues to consider: Gardens, palaces, castles, historic manors, private estates, wineries, farmsteads.

Romantic Australian wedding venues I think you’ll love:

Romantic UK wedding venues I think you’ll love:


Rustic Wedding Venues

image of couple looking at wedding reception marquee in rustic forest setting in NSW
The Bower Estate in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Photo by The Rabbit and The Bear

What rustic weddings are all about: Nature. Beautiful views. Seclusion. Informality. Comfort foods. Warmth. Earthy colour schemes. Nothing too fussy. Imperfection. Cosiness. Dancing under the stars. Wine barrels. Family-style dining. Natural, textural decor. Environmentally-conscious details.

Types of venues to consider: Farms, countryside inns, private estates, wineries, barns, gardens, warehouses, palaces, castles.

Rustic Australian wedding venues I think you’ll love:

Rustic UK wedding venues I think you’ll like:

Modern Wedding Venues

The Ivy Ballroom by Merivale in Sydney

What modern weddings are all about: Bright, light-filled interiors. Huge windows. Urban setting. Clean lines. Simple lighting. Monochromatic hues. Complementary colour palettes.  Minimal without feeling empty or without character. Style notes taken from the venue. Clear-span marquees.

Types of venues to consider: Hotels, industrial spaces, restaurants, wineries, museums, ballrooms, reception halls.

Modern Australian wedding venues I think you’ll love:

Modern UK wedding venues to check out:

Classic Wedding Venues

A timeless indoor wedding at Claridge’s London, photo by Jacob and Pauline

What classic weddings are all about: Traditional elements. Timeless decor. Beautiful flowers. Pastels and neutral colour palettes. Lots of candles. Big chandeliers. Lace. Veils. Big wedding parties. Formalities. Black-tie attire. Multi-course seated dinner. Live music. Big guest list.

Types of venues to consider: Hotels, museums, ballrooms, reception halls, gardens, churches, country estates.

Classic Australian wedding venues I think you’ll love:

Traditional UK wedding venues I think you’ll love:



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