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It consistently tops the list of the most loved wedding styles and we can see why – rustic wedding venues in Melbourne are as endearing as they are diverse. From barns and farms and vineyards to breweries and country chic spaces, the versatility of Melbourne rustic wedding venues is mind blowing. So where do you begin the search? Ask our VenueCrew to help source a venue you and your guests will adore.

    Your Guide to Rustic Wedding Venues in Melbourne

    If a city has an enduring trend, then Melbourne’s is the all-black outfit and citywide coffee obsession. If weddings have trends, then there’s no denying that the rustic theme has stood the test of time.

    What has made the rustic theme so popular with couples of all ages and backgrounds? For many, it is the simplicity of the theme that is so attractive; especially for couples who have a modest or strict budget. There are also homemade and DIY aspects to a rustic wedding, regardless of whether they’re genuinely made by you or you’ve indulged in an Etsy binge.

    Some hallmarks of the rustic, or rustic-chic, theme are:

    • Natural elements. Weddings in this theme are rich with natural features, using every opportunity to bring the outdoors in. You’ve likely seen the cinematic-style photos of couples walking through wheatfields, kissing under string lights, or holding hands before a wooden arbour.
    • A little wild. From the bride’s or groom’s attire (loose hair, wildflowers, light colours), the floral arrangements (draping bouquets, vines in the rafters, pops of colour) and woodland vibes (natural timber, exposed beams), nothing about rustic says manicured.
    • A hint of DIY. DIY doesn’t mean cheap or tacky. Try hand-drawn place cards, chalkboard signs directing guests to the ceremony, or mason jars with tealight candles as table dressings. Stripped back and charming suits the rustic-chic theme perfectly.

    Finding venues in Melbourne that can host your perfect rustic wedding is not a difficult task, especially as rustic-chic is a reasonably straightforward theme to implement yourself. Check out our tips below, and book your free consultation with a Venue Specialist  for more information.

    Venue Specialist Tip No. 1: Figure Out What You Mean By ‘Rustic’

    There’s often some confusion for couples between rustic and vintage themes. Rustic draws inspiration from nature and simple dressings, whereas vintage calls back to bygone eras. Though couples can choose from any period, vintage weddings typically lean towards Victorian vibes; lace, classic cars, and grand venues.

    Leonda by the Yarra in Melbourne is a venue that can easily incorporate elements of rustic and vintage if you’re keen to mix the two. This contemporary building overlooks the Yarra River and features floor-to-ceiling windows that let natural light bathe the space. You can dress the venue with rustic elements such as draped greenery and a wooden arbour. Download the Leonda wedding brochure for more information. 

    Venue Specialist Tip No. 2: Don’t Be Scared To Lean Into DIY

    A word that is almost synonymous with ‘rustic’ is ‘DIY’, and that can make some couples shy away from the theme altogether. However, the DIY aspect of rustic weddings is what makes it so appealing to couples who are after a more lowkey and homemade feel.

    Venue Specialist Tip No. 3: Think Beyond Melbourne CBD

    Just getting out into the countryside is a great way to encourage a rustic wedding venue look and feel. We’d suggest heading to the Yarra Valley and checking out Chateau Yering, which has absolutely beautiful gardens throughout the property and a charming rustic setting that’s all about the vineyards. Download the Chateau Yering wedding brochure for details on packages and pricing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of your wedding will depend on a myriad of factors, such as the venue, outfits, catering, music, etc. What’s appealing about the rustic theme is the emphasis on minimalism and DIY. Opting for homemade alternatives can go towards lowering some of the overall costs. Our Venue Specialists always advise that couples should set a reasonable budget and stick to it.

    The restrictions for indoor and outdoor gatherings are always changing, and you can read the latest updates on our COVID Wedding Restrictions Tracker. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions in Melbourne and across Victoria are preferred at this point, as it’s easier to maintain safe social distance between guests. However, there may still be restrictions on the number of guests. Our local Melbourne Venue Specialists can help you design a COVID-Safe plan for your rustic wedding, so book a free consultation  today.

    Some people find it difficult to nail down a definition of rustic, which is why you can apply it to almost any venue. Rather than spending hours searching for a rustic-specific venue, let our Venue Specialists source a list of Melbourne venues that can easily adopt a rustic aesthetic.

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