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If the thought of a traditional wedding venue makes you and your patner yawn, we get you! Melbourne has an exciting collection of unique wedding venues for couples who like going against the grain. From interesting locations to offbeat interiors, there’s a Melbourne unique wedding venue that’ll suit you and your loved one to a tee. But how will you know where to start searching? Contact our VenueCrew for their expert advice today .

    Your Guide to the Most Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne


    Every couple wants their wedding to stand out in some way, be that with a cool vendor, interesting decor, or custom dress or suit. Another brilliant way to ensure people remember your wedding is by choosing a unique venue. Luckily, Melbourne is home to some of the most exciting and unique venues in Australia, and our Melbourne Venue Finders have the most comprehensive list. Before you get started on your venue hunt, there are a few things you ought to consider.


    VenueCrew Specialist Tip #1: Unique shouldn’t mean impractical.

    Sure, you could get married on a pair of stilts in the middle of Federation Square. It would certainly tick the ‘unique’ box, but it wouldn’t be convenient to arrange seats for your friends and family. Being unique and functional is definitely a bonus for wedding venues, and our Melbourne Venue Experts know just the place.


    VenueCrew Specialist Tip #2: Look for unique details.

    Even if the venue has similarities to others, there’s going to be something unique about it. That’s why it’s important to find unique details and features about the space.


    For example, Eureka 89 is a gorgeous wedding reception space. You have your choice of two smaller spaces that feature room for a DJ or band, a cocktail bar, and a head chef creating 8-course degustation meals. At Eureka 89, it’s hard to miss its unique feature (hint: reread the name). That’s right; Eureka 89 is situated on the 89th floor of the iconic Eureka Tower. Wraparound windows display your birds’ eye view of the Melbourne skyline and Yarra River, especially breathtaking in the evening when all of the lights flicker on. Nobody will soon forget a wedding that takes place here! Download the Eureka 89 wedding brochure.


    Another way to make your wedding memorable is with a showstopping entrance. At Levantine Hill in the Yarra Valley, you have the option of making a helicopter entrance to your wedding, landing on the onsite helipad. This gorgeous winery venue boasts stunning architecture, a glass-walled cellar door, and overlooks rolling vineyards. Download the Levantine Hill Yarra Valley wedding brochure.


    VenueCrew Specialist Tip #3: Discover venues within unique places.

    This may seem like a niche tip, but we’ve got the evidence to back it up. Unique venues can come with limitations that a traditional wedding venue may not. A creative way of getting around this is to find a venue within or nearby a unique location. This means you can take pictures at that cool spot and still reap the benefits of the traditional space.


    The Terrace is one such place; a traditional blank-space reception venue that allows you to call the shots on arrangement and decor, and located within the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens! Say your vows in one of the many themed gardens, then you and your guests can wander the paths to The Terrace. Accommodating up to 300 guests, at The Terrace you and your guests will be treated to inhouse catering made by a team of skilled chefs with Asian, Indian, and Mediterranean influences. Duck out for gorgeous photos amongst the lush foliage whilst your guests gaze out over Ornamental Lake and breathe in the sights and sounds of this inner-city oasis. Download The Terrace wedding brochure.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s not hard to create a unique wedding when you make it feel personal and authentic to you! Choosing specific decor, outfits, meals, and music that you love and representing your personality makes a wedding feel truly unique; nobody else in the world is like you, remember! When you need help finding a unique Melbourne wedding venue, arrange a consultation with our Venue Specialists .

    Firstly, determine what you mean by unique? Do you want a totally out-of-the-box location, or are you more interested in a fully-equipped wedding venue that has unique features? Whatever you’re looking for, our Melbourne Venue Experts are up to the task. Book in a chat with them today .