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While Melbourne is famous for being sophisticated, artsy and totally into its food scene, tying the knot in this vibrant city needn’t blow your budget. There are so many wonderful affordable wedding Melbourne venues to explore, whether an intimate space for a cosy guest list, or a bigger venue adding plenty of value for money. Talk to our Venue Specialists about your budget — they’ll be able to suggest the right venues to match.

    How To Find An Affordable Melbourne Wedding Venue

    On the lookout for an affordable Melbourne wedding venue hire? We can help you find that perfect space that suits your budget without sacrificing style.

    What’s affordable to one couple might not be affordable to another, so let’s be really specific about how wedding venue pricing works in Melbourne.

    Most local wedding venues price their menus with a per person fee, usually starting around $100 per guest. Daytime weddings tend to be more affordable while evening weddings might start closer to $120 per guest. Weekday weddings can save couples more money as well. During off-peak dates, you might even more savings.

    Venue hire fees are usually charged as either a flat rate or a minimum spend on food and beverage. Depending on the type of venue and the length of what you’re hosting, this number can vary significantly. We’ve seen hire fees for park wedding ceremonies that are as low as a few hundred dollars, but we’ve also seen minimum spends of $20,000+ for popular restaurants that have to close to the public in order to host a wedding.

    So, how do you know when you’re getting a good deal? That’s where our expertise comes in. Our Venue Specialists will be happy to discuss pricing with you if you’re after an affordable Melbourne wedding venue. Contact us today for more info .

    Venue Specialist Tip No. 1: Determine Your Budget Before You Create Your Guest List

    Before you jump into searching for the most affordable Melbourne wedding venues, have a conversation with your partner about what you can realistically spend on your wedding. Take absolutely every budget item into consideration, including attire, food & beverage, venue hire fees, flowers, photography, and more.

    Once you have a total number in mind, you can break that down to sort out how many guests you’ll be able to invite to your wedding. Smaller weddings are almost always the most affordable option.


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 2: Prioritise What You’re Looking for in a Wedding Venue

    When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to want the best of everything, but creating a priority list is a great way to check-in with each other as a couple and decide what factors are must-haves. This helps you to make decisions quickly and effectively, staying within your budget all the while.

    Maybe you’re happy to marry in a quiet beach ceremony without guests and follow that with an intimate reception with a small guest list. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to keep your wedding affordable by hosting it on a weekday.


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 3: Consider Having a Shorter Wedding Reception

    Many couples looking for an affordable Melbourne wedding venue end up cutting the celebration a little shorter than they’d initially planned. Instead of hosting your friends and family over an 8-hour celebration, you might decide that 6 hours at a venue will do.

    This is an especially great way to approach restaurant wedding venues, as they may be able to sneak in an early dinner seating prior to closing for your wedding.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Because Melbourne is known for its incredible food scene, many couples opt to go with a short wedding reception at a local restaurant if they’re hoping to keep costs low.

    Many large wedding venues like ballrooms and hotel wedding venues offer lower pricing for weekday and daytime weddings.

    Enquire with our Melbourne Venue Specialists for more wedding pricing and package info .

    Wedding prices range depending on the type of venue, size of your guest list and your wedding date. We generally say that $100-120 per guest is an affordable wedding venue price range.

    If you’re booking a ceremony or reception site without catering, the cost can be as low as a few hundred dollars to use the space. For instance, if you’re booking a local garden or park for your wedding, $50-800 might cover the cost of a donation or a permit.

    Pricing varies widely for wedding receptions, even at the most affordable Melbourne wedding venues. A short, daytime wedding on a weekday with only light refreshments could be as cheap as $80 per guest. However, most couples report spending closer to $100-150 per guest for an evening weekend wedding including catering costs in Melbourne.

    You can find specific wedding package pricing by visiting venue profiles on VenueCrew.

    Our Venue Specialists are friendly and make it easy to talk through the wedding venue options that best suit your budget. We’re transparent about pricing so you can make the decision that’s right for you. We also pride ourselves on our venue matchmaking skills.

    Most couples visit anywhere from three to dozens of wedding venues before deciding on the right one for them. One of the reasons we started our Venue Finder services is to make the process significantly easier for couples by sending them only to the wedding venues that really fit their style, budget, and dream wedding vision. It’s our priority to streamline the process so that you’re only deciding between the very best affordable Melbourne wedding venue options that are right for you.

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