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With Melbourne famous for its grungy, graffitied alleyways, it’s no wonder Melbourne industrial wedding venues are a thing. Edgy and creative couples who yearn to wed their own way will find sanctuary in the open-plan, raw and minimalist aesthetic of warehouse spaces in Melbourne’s diverse urban neighbourhoods. But which Melbourne industrial wedding venue is right for you? Ask our knowledgeable Venue Specialists today .

    Everything You Need to Know About Finding A Melbourne Industrial Wedding Venue

    There’s much more to the hunt for Melbourne industrial wedding venues than perfect polished concrete and exposed brick walls. Couples will still want their wedding to be remembered as one hell of a party! That means thinking a little more broadly; about location, transport to and from the venue, convenient guest accommodation, and those quirky, local backdrops for enviable wedding photographs. It’s these little considerations that make our Venue Finders absolute experts in Melbourne industrial wedding venues – see what they have to say.

    Venue Finder Tip No. 1: Ask Yourself: Which Melbourne Suburb Is Your Vibe?

    • Do you love being in the thick of things; in Melbourne’s CBD? Your out-of-towners will especially love all that this vibrant city has to offer – the Arts Centre, MCG and Bourke Street Mall; with rooftop bars and restaurants aplenty. And for unmistakeably Melbourne wedding photos, you’ll have easy access to backdrops like the edgy graffiti murals of Hosier Lane or the deconstructivist architecture of Fed Square.
    • Do you gel with Melbourne’s inner-north; hipster ‘hoods like Carlton, Fitzroy, Collingwood and Brunswick? There are loads of options for Melbourne industrial wedding venues north of the Yarra, and immersed in the artsy vibe of these suburbs, your industrial wedding will be an undeniable expression of you as a couple.
    • Or, are you more a south of the river couple; where capitalism meets the bay and elegance oozes? Your industrial wedding can be hosted in many South Melbourne venues; from restaurants, cafes and warehouse spaces – around South Yarra, Windsor and beyond. You’ll find the ideal blank canvas to dress up (or dress down) your day according to your style.

    Venue Finder Tip No. 2: Help Your Interstate And Overseas Guests By Booking Out A Room Block At One Of Melbourne’s 5-star Hotels, Boutique Hotels Or Luxury Home Rentals

    • If you have 20+ wedding guests landing in Melbourne for your industrial wedding, you may want to consider booking a room block on their behalf. Having guests stay together for your celebration is a way to add to their overall experience. Group hotel bookings in Melbourne needn’t be daunting however – we can definitely guide you through the steps! 
    • Conversely, you can book a few different accommodations like hotels, guesthouses or upscale home rentals. It’s a neat idea to streamline this info into one spot like a wedding website, which you can send out with your wedding invitations.
    • Some Melbourne hotels, accommodation and home rentals will ask for a minimum number of room nights – this is also something our Venue Finders are savvy with and can help you sort through.

    Venue Finder Tip No. 3: Think About Guest Transportation For Your Melbourne Industrial Wedding

    • Thankfully, getting around Melbourne is (generally!) a piece of cake, with accessibility into and out of the city pretty convenient whether by car, train or tram. 
    • That said, you’ll still want to offer ahead of time – perhaps on your wedding website – directions and the best means of transport for getting to, from and between your Melbourne ceremony location and industrial reception venue.
    • Onsite and street parking could be important for a segment of your guests – for example, older guests who don’t intend to party all night! Knowing which industrial venues in Melbourne offer parking would be helpful.
    • Interstate, overseas and out-of-town wedding guests flying into Tullamarine or Avalon airports for your wedding will likely appreciate a pickup service and transport back to their Melbourne hotel or accommodation, so that’s something to consider also.

    Venue Finder Tip No. 4: Prioritise Your Must-haves From Your Nice-to-haves For Your Melbourne Industrial Wedding Venue

    • Let’s face it – the main thing many of your Melbourne wedding guests will be looking forward to most is – THE PARTY!
    • With their spacious design, polished concrete floors and often-secluded locations, Melbourne industrial wedding venues truly are built to party. Be careful though – depending on their location, there may be noise restrictions and a curfew far earlier than you envision.
    • Our Venue Finders can suggest those Melbourne industrial wedding venues with a late licence – alternatively, they can source after-party venues like the many Melbourne rooftop bars this great city has to offer.
    • Whether it’s mouthwatering catering, killer cocktails or simply exceptional hospitality you crave, your venue preferences will help our Venue Finders narrow down the best match for you – so don’t be shy! Be sure to mention your must-haves to factor into the perfect Melbourne industrial venue.

    Venue Finder Tip No. 5: Your Melbourne Industrial Wedding Venue Is The Perfect Blank Canvas — Dress It Up In Your Style.

    So you’re keen on an industrial wedding. The beauty of Melbourne wedding venues that cater to this style is their versatility. Often-times you’ll discover a blank canvas characterised by cement or hardwood floors; exposed beams and lofty ceilings; metallic fixtures and fittings in copper and brass; and raw elements like timber and brick. While their essence is the same – you can transform them into something as unique and individual as you.

    • You can juxtapose luxury with your Melbourne industrial wedding with a black-tie dress code and dramatic four-tier cake.
    • You can pepper rustic touches like greenery and festoon lighting throughout a refurbished warehouse space.
    • You can add bohemian romance to your industrial vibe with an outdoor or garden Melbourne wedding ceremony and plenty of candles, florals and feathers at your venue.
    • Or you can keep things pure and minimalist, bringing in furniture and decor pieces in neutral colours and straight-line design.

    Venue Finder Tip No. 6: Nail Your Biggest Wedding To-do Move Onto The Fun

    If we’re frank with you, finding an ideal industrial wedding venue can be tedious, overwhelming and downright stressful. But it needn’t be. Our Melbourne Venue Specialists will guide you through all your options .

    Once you’ve booked your Melbourne industrial wedding venue – amazing! You can now move into planning the fun stuff — like dresses, photographers, cakes, flowers and cars


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pricing ranges significantly for wedding venues across Melbourne. Some of the industrial warehouse spaces charge a flat fee for hiring just the venue and then you bring in your own caterer and styling props. Other venues might be run by a specific catering group, in which case, a per person fee is typically how the pricing is structured, and the price will usually run from around $150 per guest. 


    When deciding on a Melbourne industrial wedding venue, many things — in addition to the guest list — will affect the price. For example, winter weddings may be more affordable than in summer and spring. Weekday weddings could be better value than Saturday weddings. There’s a lot to consider.

    Melbourne wedding venues will each have their own way of pricing weddings, which can make it tricky to compare. For example, Melbourne restaurants usually set a minimum spend on food and beverage to justify closing to other patrons.


    Other venues – like converted warehouses and purpose-built event spaces charge a flat hire fee and allow you to bring in your own caterers. Similarly, Melbourne ceremony locations like beaches, parks and gardens – are usually priced the same way.


    And then there’s the per-head structure that other Melbourne industrial wedding venues go by where you can select from a range of packages by duration, quality, and how much food and beverage is included.

    We make it easy. Here’s how it works:

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    Whether you’re on the hunt for intimate industrial wedding venues or large wedding venues; restaurants with an industrial vibe or a purpose-built converted warehouse in a secluded Melbourne alleyway, we’re here to help. Our Venue Finders have done the tireless work to bring you easy-to-find industrial wedding venues throughout this cosmopolitan city.

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