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There’s nothing that brings the crew together quite like the end-of-year Christmas party. Whether you’re planning Christmas drinks for a small team, or a rambunctious festive affair hosted by head office, Christmas party venues in Sydney know how to create the perfect Xmas atmosphere to celebrate the silly season in style. Our Venue Finders can recommend ideal Sydney Christmas party venues whatever your size and budget. Contact our VenueCrew today.  

    Our Guide to Sydney Christmas Party Venue Hire

    There’s no place quite like Sydney during the Christmas season. Santas surf by while groups of friends, family and co-workers come together to celebrate the end of one great year and the start of the next. While the city gears up for its world-renowned New Year’s Eve celebration, revellers of all varieties find themselves with a drink in hand, toasting to the good life as summer just starts to kick into gear.


    Most laidback hosts will agree that their Aussie Christmas party venue must meet a few basic requirements. They absolutely must include some sort of outdoor or open-air space (preferably with a view of Sydney Harbour). They should be known for their creative takes on the summery spritz cocktail. And, last but not least, they ought to be the kind of place where people can turn up and know immediately upon entering that they’re going to have a good time.


    Looking to impress your guests with a more formal occasion this holiday season? For an iconic Sydney Christmas party venue that feels a little more buttoned-up and sophisticated, the city’s many Art Deco venues, traditional ballrooms and reception halls can easily be done up in a way that brings these dazzling atmospheres to life.


    Here are some tips from our Sydney venue finders, who can help you find the best holiday party venue hire for your crew, whether that’s a group of colleagues or a bunch of pals.


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 1: Deck The Halls

    There are countless private Sydney party venues that deck their halls during Christmas time, but you might opt to bring in your own decorations as well. A Gatsby-inspired Christmas party theme might be best in an elegant Art Deco event venue in the heart of the city centre, or a more casual venue might simply call for bringing in a beautiful wreath wall and a flood of glowing candlelight.


    If you’re looking for a corporate Christmas party venue that’s known to be fully decked out in holiday cheer, consider hotels like Sofitel Sydney Wentworth and The Langham, Sydney. These local Christmas spots make it easy to host a party that feels festive without you having to budget for all that extra decor. 


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 2: Consider Nearby Holiday Attractions

    We can easily imagine your guests walking beneath the sparkling Pitt Street canopy of lights on their way to your holiday party, wandering past the giant QVB Swarovski Christmas Tree in the Queen Victoria Building, and entering The Tea Room QVB to find a glamorous Christmas party unfolding: A pianist playing classic Christmas tunes on the grand piano, butlers serving champagne cocktails and delicate canapes, and the entire grand space transformed into a winter wonderland of sorts. 


    Selecting your Sydney holiday party location might seem as easy as opting for a beautiful space with a view of the harbour, but you’ll score extra points with your guest if simply arriving at the party feels like a bit of an occasion in itself, and selecting a venue near Sydney’s Christmas attractions is a delightful way to start the festivities on a high note.


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 3: Pre-arrange Transportation

    Between holiday shoppers, tourism spikes and summer weather finally hitting, Christmas in Sydney is a busy time. A great way to ensure your guests don’t get stuck in holiday traffic en route to your festive corporate party is to pre-arrange chauffeurs or select a venue within quick walking distance to a train station or bus stop.


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 4: Select A Plush Hotel Venue

    Did somebody say holiday staycation? If you host your Sydney corporate Christmas party at a local hotel, you can gift a few of your VIP guests an overnight stay. This is a particularly nice treat for high-performing employees or those who live a bit far from the city centre. Pier One offers gorgeous hotel suites and doubles as a fabulous waterfront holiday party venue.


    Venue Specialist Tip No. 5: Contact Us!

    Not sure which is the best Sydney holiday party venue for your corporate group or gang of friends? No worries. Our Sydney Venue Specialists can make recommendations based on what you’re looking for in a party spot. Plan to host an intimate holiday dinner party at a local restaurant? We can offer a few ideas we think you’ll like. Need an outdoor Christmas party venue on the waterfront? We have plenty of ideas for that too. Contact us today to speak with a Venue Specialist.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It depends how flexible you are about your venue choice and when you’d like to host your Sydney Christmas party. Most venues start to book their holiday parties as early as 4-6 months in advance of the holiday season, but as long as you get in by October, you should have a decent number of options still available. Many corporate Christmas party planners tend to book their venue as early as the beginning of the year, just to ensure that they lock in the date and time of their preference.

    We make it easy. Here’s how it works:

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    The Tea Room QVB, The Langham, Sydney, and InterContinental Sydney are all popular Christmas event venues that book out pretty far in advance of the holiday season. Each decks their halls and offers a Christmas High Tea option throughout the season.

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