Office Christmas Party Themes and Entertainment Ideas

By Lauren Morison /Australian Venue Expert

Sat 13th May 2023 Corporate Venues

Office Christmas Party Themes and Entertainment Ideas


Here at Venue Crew, we’re challenging you to up your office Christmas party game! Here are plenty of fun and creative Christmas party themes and entertainment ideas to ensure your party is unforgettable. Spoiler alert: It all starts with a great venue (speak with us for free recommendations).

Whether it’s a murder mystery or a winter wonderland theme, we’ve got you covered for festive ideas that will leave your colleagues hoping you plan every office party!

  1. Masquerade ball with live music and dancing: Throw your office party Venetian-style! Don elaborate masks, tuxedos and gowns while enjoying festive ballroom dancing and luxury buffet food.
  2. Christmas casino night: Bring the lights of Las Vegas to your work crew. Hire in blackjack and roulette tables, as well as croupiers, to offer the high rollers in your office a real thrill.
  3. Studio54 theme: Glitz and glam comes to life at the Studio54-style venue of your choice. With this theme, you’ll want to play up welcoming in the new year, complete with professional dance performances and line dancing, disco balls dangling from ceiling, and all kinds of colourful, smoky cocktails.
  4. Winter wonderland: Go big! We’re talking hire a Christmas party venue with towering ceilings, where elves welcome guests with boozy snowballs and dry-ice ice cream; where faux-snow covers the floors and ice queens dangle from aerial silks. Don’t forget to add a live ice sculpture carver.
  5. Indoor holiday market: Turn your party venue into a European holiday market complete with stalls of food and drink, toys, games, mulled wine, gifts, and more.
  6. Hollywood holiday glamour theme: The glitz, the glamour! Encourage colleagues to dress to the nines, adding a red-carpet entrance to your office, complete with professional photographers. Snap!
  7. Murder mystery party: A party classic that can be adapted to the meeting rooms and corridors of your office party venue. Hire in actors to stage a whodunnit-style mystery and watch as your workmates try to figure it out.
  8. Around the world holiday party: Using a dry-hire venue? Embrace different cultural cuisines by bringing in food trucks that offer a range of global culinary classics. For a more traditional venue that does all catering in-house, ask the catering team about options that are outside the box and bring in different cultural elements. Think dumpling station, curry corner, pasta and gnocchi bar, tacos and margs, and so on.
  9. Big top carnival: Bring the fun of the fair to your Christmas party with over-the-top festive fairground games, popcorn, cotton candy, and more. Hire a ringmaster and a team of carnies to include acrobatic performances, fire shows, mimes, stilt walkers, and roller skating performers.
  10. Christmas tree decorating competition: Dress up in your best festive gear and divide your colleagues into tree decorating teams. The most snazzy entry wins festive prizes!
  11. Holiday scavenger hunt: Send your workmates on a yuletide hunt across your venue, town, or city. Theme the hunt with clues hidden at key spots along the way or use fellow employees to dress up and deliver hints.
    Holiday trivia game show: Team up and battle it out to find out which team are the true master of festive knowledge. Hint: Holiday movies are fair play for this game.
  12. Festive cocktail party: For fans of good tipples, this is sure to go down a treat. Hire a mixologist to prepare festive specials like Mistletoe Margaritas or Santa Clausmopolitans.
  13. Winter wonderland photo booth: Everybody loves to dress up, so why not throw in fake snow and other festive props to capture ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ with your workmates.
  14. Holiday movie night: Whether it’s Home Alone or Die Hard, relaxing with a festive flick is a treat. Transform a section of your Christmas party venue into a mini cinema, complete with a projection screen, cozy lounge area and hot cocoa bar. If your company invites the whole family along, this is a great way to keep the kiddos entertained while you mingle.
  15. Christmas-themed escape room: Turn your office party venue into a festive escape room, pitting colleagues against each other in a race against the clock to escape. Hot tip: Go with a Grinch theme where players must find hidden items and avoid the mean ol’ Grinch while doing it!
  16. Festive dance party: Hire a live DJ, kit your office out with holiday-themed lighting and dance the evening away to the Christmas classics that everyone knows and loves.
  17. Christmas tree lighting ceremony: If you’re looking for something a little more wholesome, gather everyone around a giant tree and watch your Christmas illuminations come to life. Hire local carollers to sing for the occasion and toast to the festive season with delicious hot cider or mulled wine.
  18. Guided holiday craft-making session: Bring in a local florist for lessons on Christmas wreath making and setting a table for the holidays. Hire a small local workshop or studio for the day so everyone can get their hands dirty.
  19. Festive wine pairings and winery tour: Head to your local winery for a more sophisticated holiday celebration and see what’s on offer. Some wineries offer guided pairings and tastings while others will let small groups crush their own grapes. We have lots of suggestions for this one!
  20. Festive fundraiser gala: Think beyond just entertaining your own team and instead invite other companies to come together and raise money for a local charity or non-profit organisation. Maybe go all-out casino style and make all the proceeds set to donate.

Whatever you go with, have a good one!

Your office party is the perfect chance to relax and celebrate another year at your workplace. No matter your chosen theme, we hope this article has given you some festive inspiration. Here are a few of our favourite local Christmas party venues:

If you’re looking for an amazing venue for your office Christmas party, reach out to us. Our team has plenty of ideas for your holiday celebration, and we’re on the pulse of the best venues to suit anything from a small gathering to an all-out festive gala.


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