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With its world-famous Harbour Bridge and iconic Opera House, Sydney is a major tourist attraction with a price tag to boot. But your wedding needn’t be! There are so many affordable Sydney wedding venues to choose from, like warehouse spaces, cafes and restaurants to name a few. But where do you start your search? Our Venue Finders will work with your budget to match the best value-for-money venues. Contact us today .

    Your Guide to Affordable Sydney Wedding Venue Hire

    Between having to enquire for prices and not knowing where to turn to for advice, sourcing a venue that works with your budget isn’t always easy. At VenueCrew, we strive to keep the process simple and straightforward, providing clear pricing info whenever we’re able.

    On our venue profiles, you’ll notice that pricing is listed in a number of different formats. Sometimes, we’re able to provide a venue hire fee starting price (usually a mid-week price). You might also see a per person price for food and beverage. The best way to get accurate pricing for the venue of your choice is to download their wedding brochure, which you can do by visiting the venue’s profile on our website.

    Across the city, the most affordable wedding venues in Sydney are usually the venues that are a one-stop-shop and include all the furniture, food service supplies and design elements you need for your wedding. We generally suggest that a price range between $120-150 per guests is a reasonable price for a local wedding with all the bells and whistles. 

    Here are some easy-to-follow budget savvy tips from our local Sydney Wedding Venue Specialists.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 1: Determine Your Budget Before You Create Your Guest List

    The best way to save money on your wedding is to keep it relatively small. In this case, intimate wedding venues that should be on your radar are those with semi-exclusive spaces or small rooms within a hotel.

    To keep your wedding guest list intimate, we recommend setting your budget before you start drafting your list. This way, you can start with a realistic sense of what kind of venue will be suitable.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 2: Prioritise What You’re Looking for in a Wedding Venue

    If you’re working with a wedding planner, the thing you’ll hear time and again is to prioritise. It’s easy to get carried away thinking everything is a priority, but that’s not a sensible way to stick to a budget. 

    Instead, determine your top three priorities and make all of your wedding decisions based on those three things. For example, if great entertainment, beautiful photography and a convenient location are your top priorities, a venue in Sydney CBD that’s walkable to beautiful gardens is likely to be your best bet.


    Venue Finder Tip No. 3: Think Short and Sweet

    There’s no minimum limitation on how long your reception is. Many couples save money by cutting the timeframe from 8 hours to 5-6 hours instead. That’s a couple of hours worth of savings on food, drinks and venue hire.

    Affordable Sydney wedding venue hire options include restaurant wedding venues and quite a few hotel venue options. Why? Restaurants might be able to work in an early dinner seating prior to closing down for your wedding reception, which means your minimum food and beverage spend might be lower than if they’d lost an entire day to your booking. Hotels usually have a large ballroom for weddings, but they’ll also have a handful of more intimate spaces that double as gorgeous wedding venues for budget-savvy couples.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our local Sydney Wedding Venue Specialists generally say that a reception venue price of $120-150 per guest is a fairly affordable option. However, pricing ranges widely depending on the location of the venue, your wedding date and a number of other factors.

    The best way to see real wedding pricing for venues you’re interested in is to download their wedding brochure. You can do this by visiting wedding venue profiles on our website.

    Our local Sydney Venue Specialists are well versed in all things wedding. They can guide you to the best venue for your budget and style, all the while being transparent about venue hire fees and minimum spends. 


    Once you’ve settled on your top picks, our Venue Specialists will set up site inspections for you and get the ball rolling once you’ve selected your dream wedding venue.

    It depends what you’re looking for, but our local Venue Specialists suggest that an affordable Sydney wedding venue ranges in the $120-150 per guest range for food and beverage. Many restaurants and hotels will set a minimum guest count or minimum spend for food and drinks, while some venues also charge a room hire fee.

    To get a clear sense of a venue’s pricing, download the wedding brochure on their VenueCrew profile to see what packages they offer. You can also get customised quotes through our Venue Specialists .