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Are you a fashion-forward duo inspired by contemporary vibes and trending interiors? Modern Melbourne wedding couples will feel right at home trading vows in one of the city’s many upscale restaurants, penthouse venues, rooftop bars and warehouse spaces. With so many options to choose from, how do you know where to begin? That’s where Contact Us come in. They can provide modern wedding venue suggestions in Melbourne, matched to your style and budget.

Our Guide to Modern Wedding Venues in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the kind of wedding venue that instantly inspires you when you walk through the doors, a modern space is likely what you’ll want to find. 

Whether it’s a grand, open-plan venue with terrazzo floors, towering ceilings and walls of windows or a cosy, intimate cocktail lounge that shines in the evening sunset light, there’s a modern wedding venue in Melbourne that’s sure to suit your style.

Unsure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Above are just a few samples of local wedding venues with contemporary design. 

Our Melbourne Venue Specialists can help you navigate through them and find the one that’s right for you. Contact us when you’re ready for help finding your modern event venue.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 1: Hone in on Your Idea of Modern Style

Everyone has a slightly different image in their minds of how a modern wedding venue looks. If you can first narrow down what you envision into a specific type of building or venue, it’ll make searching so much easier.

For some, it’s a cool industrial space, like an old warehouse that’s converted into an event space or a loft with an open floor plan. In this case, we’d recommend checking out  Metropolis Events in Southbank.

If a contemporary reception centre with floor-to-ceiling windows and incredible views is your scene, Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn overlooks the Yarra River.

A popular modern rooftop wedding venue in Melbourne is Eureka89 Skydeck in Southbank, where 360-degree views of the city skyline are visible through all-glass walls.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 2: Consider A Modern Hotel Wedding

Whether your guests are all local or a mix of locals and travellers, hosting your wedding at a modern hotel is an easy way to have all your festivities in one place. Melbourne is home to many luxury five-star hotels and boutique accommodation, many of which are recently updated with contemporary styling.

For example, at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, there’s a private residence that makes an amazing modern wedding venue with a penthouse feel. The Crown Hotel is one of Melbourne’s largest hotels, and it includes various modern wedding venues, a favourite of which is the rooftop wedding marquee known as the Aviary.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 3: Take a Modern Food and Beverage Approach

Are you and your fiance big foodies? Maybe you’re picturing a plant-based menu or envision an indulgent multi-course feast for your wedding. Whatever your approach, keep it modern like your venue. 

As Melbourne is a significant food and wine destination for tourists from around the world, local wedding venues pride themselves on their modern Australian fare. Work with your wedding venue team to create a bespoke menu that portrays that modern aesthetic not only in the flavours but also in presentation.


Venue Specialist Tip No. 4: Bring Your Modern Style to Any Venue

Struggling to find a modern wedding venue you love? We’ve got this. Not only can we help you find the right venue for your style, but we can also give you tips on how to make a space look a little more like your own.

Something we love to do to make a venue feel more modern is to create our own space with the use of a marquee outdoors or drapery indoors. For instance, a venue like Metropolis might feel too spacious for your small wedding, but by bringing in lounge vignettes enclosed with drapery, you can create a feeling of modern cosiness. 


Venue Specialist Tip No. 5: Consider the Big Picture

A wedding doesn’t just feel modern because of the venue you’ve chosen, but the whole experience from the moment your guests arrive should have a fluid feel. 

Maybe that means welcoming guests with splashy, mixologist-made cocktails or introducing them to foods they’ve never thought to try. 

Maybe you’ll incorporate some kind of entertainment with a contemporary feel, like a live drummer to play alongside your DJ.

Whatever your modern wedding venue choice, you can always bring that glossy, fresh feel to the forefront of your day by considering the big picture and how every element plays into it.

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Melbourne offers plenty of options for a modern wedding, from private penthouse hotel venues like Grand Hyatt Melbourne to the cool warehouse-style spaces of Metropolis Melbourne. Our local Venue Finders can help you find a space that suits your style – contact us today .

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There are so many cool wedding venues in this great city, and our local Venue Specialists are happy to help you hone in on the one that fits your unique style. Some of the most popular options are Grand Hyatt Melbourne and Metropolis Events.